2022 Xi’an (Spring) Advertising Show


Exhibition time: March 5-7, 2022

Exhibition location: Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center


Shaanxi Provincial Advertising Association

Sanli Convention and Exhibition Agency

1. Exhibition introduction


As the industry event in the Northwest region, the Xi’an advertising exhibition has successfully constructed a professional advertising industry one -stop procurement trade platform in the Northwest region under the role of policies and Xi’an as a “bridgehead” city in the Northwest. At present, the Xi’an advertising exhibition is divided into the Spring and Autumn Festival exhibitions, and now a complete and mature production application system has been presented, gathering inkjet, photo, carving, light box, display equipment, logo signs, office printing, LED optoelectronics and other high -end brand products It has widely attracted the participation of international industry benchmarks and industry upstream and downstream companies, becoming a well -known brand exhibition in the industry. In order to improve the scale and influence of the exhibition again, the Xi’an advertising exhibition has increased the decorative painting, frame industry, video post -stage and celebration beauty Chen category as the extension of the Xi’an advertising exhibition.

2. Scope of exhibits

Digital jet equipment

Printing office equipment

Digital carving equipment

Identification, light box, LED exhibits

Home decoration craft


Production equipment

Design area

Lighting Stage Zone

Third, online exhibition

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