Lida New Product LD1001Y fire sound light alarm (voice type)


LD1001Y fire sound light alarm (voice type)

product description

The fire sound light alarm LD1001Y is a voice -type sound -light alarm equipment installed on the scene. The product work is stable and reliable, and has strong anti -interference capabilities. It is mainly used for crowd concentration places. The fire sound light alarm at the scene can be activated by the fire alarm controller of the fire control center, and a strong voice and light alarm signal and voice reminder are issued. Compared with the existing products, the wiring is improved and equipped with Chinese voice to play circular playback. The volume of voice and voice will gradually increase to achieve the purpose of reminding the attention and evacuation of the on -site personnel.

LD1001Y fire sound light alarm can be used in conjunction with the full series of fire alarm controllers produced by the company, suitable for various industrial and civilian buildings. Meet GB 26851-2011 “Fire and/or Light Alarm”, CNCA-C18-01 “Mandatory Product Certification Implementation Rules”, CCCF-HZBJ-01 “Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification”, obtain fire product 3C certification certificate Essence

LD1001Y installation and wiring diagram



★ Second bus, no polarity.


★ Power bus, no polarity.

★ Electronic coding is used to occupy an address point (0 ~ 255).


★ When power out of power, return the controller fault information.

★ After starting the circular broadcast of the fire alarm sound and voice, the voice content is “Fire Police, please evacuate immediately!”, The original sound pressure level <45dB was started, and then gradually increased to ≥75dB.

Main Specifications