Notice! It’s all pit! How to choose a SLR camera for photography


Play cars, rich watches, XX play SLR. Every year, there are still overwhelming novices entering the photography crater. Now that you buy a digital camera, you have a particularly significant problem, that is, you think you know very much, so you buy the first SLR camera for life with confidence. Later, because the camera did not have the taste of his own, he slowly started to eat gray. So what pits should novices buy a single back? We talked about it.


Buying a SLR camera, the higher the pixel, the better the picture quality?

The current SLR camera market has soared compared to previous years. The general pixel level of the entry-level SLR camera is also in the early 24 million pixels, and the level of high-end SLR pixels is from 40 million to 50 million. In 2019, some high -end models of 50 million and 60 million pixels will meet you. So the higher the pixel, the better the picture quality?

Do you dare to say that 16 million Nikon D4S is not good?

For example, the D3400 pixel of Nikon’s entry -level SLR camera is 24 million, while the previous generation flagship SLR Camera D4S pixel is only 16 million. So can the picture quality of the D3400 be better than the D4S? The higher the pixels, the more delicate the picture, the richer the details, but the better the picture quality. There are other elements that affect the picture quality, such as noise control and stabilization.

Even if the pixels are different, other configuration components of the camera will be different, which will cause different picture quality. In the dim environment, handheld shooting needs to improve the ISO. The higher the theoretically, the more difficult pixels are for noise control. However, the current SLR camera is generally configured with high pixels. Therefore, for the entry -level SLR camera, the ability to control noise is generally limited below ISO 3200. High -end SLR can soar to ISO 6400 or ISO 12800.

High pixels can bring noise control related issues

The most direct thing that affects the quality of noise is to eliminate the smear when the noise is eliminated. Too many pictures will obviously lose a lot of details. Too much noise is still too much. Therefore, how to weigh between the smear and noise is the embodiment of the noise control ability. Therefore, the higher the pixel, the more difficult it is to control noise, because the details need to be weighing. Therefore, high pixels do not eat incense in this regard. Some people will question that it is not possible to use high ISO to take pictures. Do you buy a camera and do not take room and night view? Or do you go everywhere with a tripod?

Then it is shake. When we use 16 million pixels, the jitter that can be filtered when holding the shooting is much higher than the 40 -megapixel. The higher the pixels, the richer the details of the screen can be recorded, so if it is the same jitter, the high pixel picture will be worse. It can also be said that some subtle jitter is not obvious in low -pixel products, but no matter how high pixels products will be enlarged.

The problem of jitter brought by high pixels should not be underestimated

Although the current camera has the ability to resist and shake, it is still impossible to ensure that you still meet your actual needs when you use high pixels of anti -camera.


So we summarize that high pixels may not be able to bring better picture quality. Shouldn’t you buy high -pixel models for novice photography? Of course not. For novice photography, the first thing to consider is to buy suitable cameras to practice photography instead of buying a camera with a high configuration. Buying on demand is more practical than one step in place. Of course, if you are a friend of Wang Sicong, you can ignore this.

Therefore, for novices, when choosing a camera, it is more important to choose a product suitable for learning photography. Do not spend too much more than tens of millions of image pixels, because you may not control this camera yourself as a novice. The other is that the price of high pixel products is expensive, and the pressure on storage is also very high. In the early stage of the subsequent investment, do you need this for a novice?

True burning money? Buy a full -frame SLR camera in one step in place

Among the current mainstream SLR cameras, the sensors are mainly APS-C formats and full-frame. Micro-single is richer, such as M4/3 formats, APS-C formats, full-frame and medium formats. When choosing a SLR camera, should novices just contact photography choose APS-C format or full-frame SLR? Should I buy a full format in one step?

The APS-C format and full-frame are mainly about the size of the sensor, which is the core component in the camera, which is equivalent to the CPU level in the computer and mobile phone. The APS-C format is smaller than the size of the full-frame. The image quality of the sensor is definitely a good size among these two.

First of all, buyers’ economic strength, full-frame SLR is generally much more expensive than APS-C format SLR. If you have good economic strength, why not buy a full -frame and enjoy the fun of photography. If your economic strength is very ordinary, then you must consider it carefully.


Although the APS-C format SLR cameras and full-frame products are constantly cutting prices, for ordinary consumers, it is still difficult to afford full-frame models, let alone users who have just started photography.

Just contact photography, the budget is limited, don’t choose a high -end full -frame camera directly

In fact, many people who just got started photography actually just had a head-up head or just wanted to buy a camera to take better photos. Therefore, there is no need to buy a full-frame SLR. The picture quality and performance of the APS-C format is enough to satisfy everyone Demand.

For users who sincerely want to start learning photography, if the budget is not enough, in fact, you can also buy a SLR camera you like first, start with the feeling of photography and composition, and unveil your photography journey. When your economic strength is enough, and there are already some new photography, you can upgrade to the full -frame SLR camera to continue your advanced path. This process takes several years.

Therefore, for ordinary novices, there is no need to directly buy a full-frame SLR camera in one step. You can choose the APS-C format SLR first. upgrade. If it is children’s shoes with enough economic strength, whether you will insist on photography, the full -frame SLR camera beckons you.

Only the fixed focus lens can learn photography? no kidding

When selecting the lens, if you consider the attributes of the lens, the most important thing is the shot of zoom lens and fixed focus. Many novices may be instilled before buying cameras, they must buy a fixed -focus lens to be suitable for learning photography.

The fixed focus lens is generally more aperture than the same level zoom lens, and the optical quality is better, such as 35mm F1.4, 50mm F1.2, and so on. Many users fancy these two points, so they are particularly keen on fixed focus lenses. But for beginners of photography, it is not a fixed -focus lens to help users improve the level of photography. Equipment is not limited, and the methods and paths to improve technology are diverse.

Beginners do not have to buy fixed focus lens


In fact, for beginners, it is more convenient and practical to use zoom lens. Photography beginners have no fixed concept of composition, so they have more creativity, and the fixed focus lens fixes the focal length, so it will limit the creation of beginners. For beginners, the zoom lens is more convenient to use. The conversion of the focal length can be implemented through the lens without going around. For the study of photography, first of all, you can be able to take pictures instead of talking about picture quality and blur.


If your budget is abundant, you do n’t consider choosing a zoom lens, choose a more fixed focus lens, and experience the feeling of two different styles of lens shooting, which can increase the photography experience more quickly. At present, the price of 50mm F1.8 lens of major brands is relatively close to the people, and general users can bear it. The 50mm F1.8 lens is the fixed focus of the standard in the standard, and at the same time, it has sufficient aperture.

Never buy a nose?

For the introduction of photography, buying entry -level SLR kit is generally the most cost -effective, but many people recommend that photography newcomers do not buy a kit lens, and they should be equipped with a lens selected by themselves. In fact, it is not necessary. It is very helpful to use a kit lens to learn photography. If you use high -end equipment from the beginning, many pictures can actually be easily taken without your own efforts. Then the basic skills of photography will not be solid, and it is difficult to improve it in the future.

Who said that the kit can not shoot a blockbuster?

Generally speaking, common kit lenses such as 18-55mm, 18-135mm, 18-200mm, etc. The focal length of these lenses is very practical for beginners, covering almost 90%of the common focus, but the disadvantage is the aperture of the aperture. Small and non -constant aperture. One of the main reasons is that these lenses can afford more users in order to control more users, so to control costs, natural configuration will not be very high. But for novices, exercise photography is completely enough. Even ordinary home users record daily life and record travel.


The high-end large aperture fixed-focus lens is indeed excellent, but the price of such a lens can easily buy 2-3 sets of entering the door-to-monopoly, which is unnecessary for beginners. In fact, if the budget is sufficient, you can try to buy some entry-level lenses with constant aperture, such as 24-105mm F4.

Well, you can’t take it, believe it?

Another point is that the weight of the high -end lens is very large, but the kit head is very light. In the early days, lightness is indeed very important. These are experience.

After all, novices are not professional photographers or business photographers, and they will not shoot too many fixed subjects, and novices still need to choose cameras and lenses based on the level of exercise photography, so it is correct to buy a kit. When the photography has a certain foundation, I have the direction of interest, and then consider changing the shots of the counterpart, so that it is the correct development direction.

APS-C format body must also be equipped with a full-frame lens

After many cameras that bought APS-C frame, they want to choose a full-frame lens, such as most of the red circle heads of Canon, most of Nikon’s golden circles, and so on. This is because many users think that they will definitely change the full -frame SLR camera in the future, so it is better to choose a full -frame lens from the beginning. In fact, for novices, this approach is not correct.

First of all, the lens purchased was used for shooting, but everyone did not consider the APS-C format SLR camera. There was a conversion multiplier problem. Lost the wide -angle focal length.

There is no need to be equipped with a full -frame lens

Let’s take an example. Generally, the focal length of the APS-C frame is from 18mm, such as 18-55mm, 18-105mm, 18-135mm, 18-200mm, etc. The focal length is also around 27mm-28mm. Full-frame zoom lens generally starts from 24mm, such as 24-70mm, 24-105mm, 24-120mm, 28-300mm, etc. If it is connected to the APS-C format machine, the conversion rate is counted, the wide-angle focal length Starting from 36mm-42mm.

The focal length after the conversion is equivalent to losing the wide -angle, so it will cause a lot of trouble when shooting, because many pictures can hardly be filled.

In addition, not everyone will persist in photography, so there is no way to replace the full -frame SLR camera in the future, so it is meaningless to buy the full -frame adaptation lens.

Another case is that in the future, users may change the door or change the microcontrol camera, so these lenses cannot continue to be used. Wouldn’t it be wasted?

We recommend that when buying the APS-C format SLR camera, if you don’t really like a kit lens, you can also choose a lens that adapt to the APS-C frame. Wait until the photography is small, determine the upgrade equipment, and then consider adapting to higher -level lenses.

Where to buy a camera? What pits do you encounter?

Finally, it is the process of buying. I believe that more or less everyone will see the various experiences of buying cameras at the store. Indeed, although the camera does not have fakes, it is still very deep. Therefore, the author strongly recommends that you do n’t go to the small stores or small shops near your home.


If your city has large stores, you can choose to buy brand stores of major camera brands in the store or shop purchased by yourself. Of course, the author still recommends that you buy it in online e -commerce, such as the major brands to buy in the official stores of Jingdong, Tmall, and Amazon. Official stores are not the cheapest, but the most reliable is at least genuine licensed, and there are regular after -sales protection.


Compared with computers and hardware, the camera is much simpler. Generally, it is to convert models, parallel imports as licensed goods, replacement of original accessories, and so on. Even if we are professional editing ourselves, there will be a problem of turning over the gap, let alone the first scholar of the camera.

Although the camera is very cheap, after all, it is also the equipment of thousands of yuan. It is the most important thing to buy and feel at ease. Most of the deceived people are greedy for small and cheap. As long as you determine the price and model you need in advance, and choose a regular store or online store when you buy it, you will generally not be deceived, at least at least, at least These places can defend their rights.

Try to choose a SLR camera at the official store


In fact, choosing SLR is not particularly complicated. Although many people on the Internet have published their own experience, not every case is suitable for imitation. In addition to considering their own economic strength when buying a SLR camera, you need to consider your own use, whether to learn photography, or just add a photo equipment to your home, because the purpose and use of the products and accessories you buy will be added. There are large differences. Remember, buy on demand, don’t waste it.

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Notice! It’s all pit! How to choose a SLR camera for photography