Look at the teeth? Studies have shown that daily “fixed investment” no sugar -free gum, saving tens of billions of expenditure


In recent years, “watching the tooth bankruptcy” has become a hot topic on the Internet. As small as hundreds of dollars, toothparts, as large as 10,000 or 20,000, have brought a lot of “bill pressure” to this young people. Many post -90s and post -00s young people have laughed at their fancy financial management to make money on their own. In fact, many oral diseases are induced because they do not do the prevention of oral problems in time. On the day of the 320 World Stomatoscopy Day, Xu Tongkai, the attending physician of Peking University Stomatology Hospital, reminded young people with the concept of “financial management” of the current trend. Treatment expenditure, oral health is wealth. “

90%of Chinese adults have oral health problems, but oral treatment expenditures can be saved

The results of the fourth oral health epidemiological survey in the country showed that 97%of Chinese adults suffered from oral diseases. From 2005 to 2015, China ’s expenditure for oral diseases increased by more than 10%. Looking at the world, nearly half of people suffer from oral diseases. According to statistics, the global economic burden caused by oral diseases in 2010 was as high as US $ 442 billion, of which 298 billion US dollars were direct costs for treatment, accounting for about 4.6%of global health expenditure.

In fact, oral diseases are “preventable and controllable”, and most people’s oral treatment expenses can be saved. However, because many population cavity is not in place and the prevention and treatment of oral diseases is not timely, healthy teeth become dental caries, dental disease has evolved from only to receive simple tooth tonic treatment, and needs to be treated with root canal treatment and dental implants. Essence Therefore, oral health focuses on prevention and developing good habits of oral care, which can help prevent oral problems and save treatment expenses.


Oral experts talk about opening wheat, and science science science is “dental prevention is greater than treatment”

Although it is important to raise the awareness of oral prevention, it is not easy to implement. In the past, Volkswagen’s emphasis on dental health was limited, and the method of some oral knowledge science was more single and boring. Therefore, it is one of the difficulties to easily talk about the problem of oral health and enhance the awareness of nursing.


Faced with this problem, on the World Oral Health Day this year, Xu Tongkai, the attending physician of Peking University Stomatology Hospital, “can’t sit still”. Vivid popular science “dental disease is greater than treatment.”

In the talk show, Dr. Xu Tongkai opened the current financial management technique at the beginning and described the patient’s dental disease. Compared to serious popular science, this method is easier to poke the public’s interest.

After successfully hanging up the audience’s “appetite”, Dr. Xu Tongkai entered the topic and reminded everyone with a interesting stalk. “Many oral problems are irreversible. It is easy to make the oral health Barbie Q, watch the tooth bankruptcy Double Kill “, so that everyone can realize that dental disease is” preventive than treatment. “

An income curve, easily grasp the risk of mouth cavity

Since oral prevention is so important, where should you start from? Speaking of this, Dr. Xiao Tongkai in the talk show transformed into a “master risk control master” and introduced the greatest risk of the oral cavity is the oral acidic environment caused by eating and drinking. It turned out that the bacteria in the oral cavity would break down the food residue and turn the mouth into an acidic environment. The acidic environment can corrode the enamel, causing oral health problems such as dental caries.


In order to keep everyone in mind the risks brought by the acidic environment of the oral oral acid, Dr. Xu Tongkai visualized the acidity and alkali of the oral environment into a yield curve. After eating and drinking, the oral acid and alkali value curve decreases, just like a decline in income, which is likely to cause oral health problems.

How to effectively relieve oral acid environmental threats after eating? “After eating, chewing gum is a way of worry -free and labor -free gum.” Dr. Xu Tongkai recommended. Studies have shown that chewing gum can stimulate the oral cavity to produce a large amount of saliva 3, wash the bacteria and food residues in the mouth, and reverse the acidic environment of the bacteria in the mouth to decompose the food residue, thereby reducing the risk of caries 4.

More studies have shown that if people nationwide and adults have the habit of chewing sugar -free gum to chew two sugar -free gum a day, China estimates that each year can save 21.51 billion yuan of oral disease treatment expenditure 5. Therefore, developing a good habit of chewing gum after eating and drinking can help prevent oral health problems and save treatment expenses.

On the World Oral Health Day, the Yida Oral Health Plan also jointly launched the “Oral Health, Chew is beneficial” theme online popular science activities with the Chinese Stomatology Association. While promoting the World Oral Health Day together, it is called on the public to develop the “four good habits of teeth” to brush the teeth in the morning and evening with fluoride toothpaste, keep the diet, chew gum, and perform regular oral examinations. For the prevention of the disease, oral health can have a big return.

It is understood that Mars’ vision is “the future starts in the present.” Since entering China in 2001, the Yida Oral Health Plan has continued to cooperate with all parties. Through the current efforts, it has promoted oral health knowledge and helps the public develop good oral health habits. It aims to gain more healthy oral and confident smiles in the future. It is the embodiment of Mars of the actual practice of her own vision.

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