Short slim A -line long skirt cutting picture, make a very simple skirt


Today, we shared with you the spring and summer seasons of thin slimming A -line long skirt, a comfortable and beautiful skirt, students who like this style can do it.Putting the sewing head, the tailoring picture is still in the usual city -inch unit. Some students say that they do not understand the city -inch unit. In fact, it is easy to get the data as long as you compare with the soft ruler.It’s not inch, don’t make a mistake.

Reference data (unit: city inch)

Skirt length: 32/


(This can be according to everyone’s needs) Shoulder: 12/



Bust 32 /

Sleeve length 8 /



If you wear too loose or tight, you can increase or reduce the data of bust, sleeves, and so on.If you are unfamiliar with your classmates, you can convert it, 1 inch = 3.3cm

There are formula cuts in this paragraph, and those who need it can send us privately