Family kitchen must have a set of mute smoke cookers set meals


Each family’s kitchen is inseparable from a set of smoke sets. The complete set of purchases, the same style, can make the kitchen decoration style look better. And the function of the range hood is very large. It can instantly inhale the oil fume into the machine, maintaining the cleanliness in the kitchen, while avoiding the oil fume inhaling into the family’s body, protecting the health of the family.

Today, I will introduce a few very good smoke sets for you. Both are mute and practical, but also fashionable and beautiful. Come and see.

1. European -style range hood gas stove package


The range hood of this product is very heavy, and the cigarettes are strong, which can effectively absorb the oil fume of the kitchen. There are also double -layer net smooth filters, which can separate oil and air. Moreover, the sound of the range hood is as low as 55 decibels, and it will no longer be plagued by noise when cooking. And the appearance of the range hood is a classic design, fashionable and simple. The design of the details is even more charming, the design of anti -encounter, intimate care, and will not be injured when focusing on cooking.


2. The combination of large suction smoke pumping machine


There are many highlights in the design of the range hood in this set of meals. For example, the rapid suction design makes the range hood’s performance very excellent, and it absorbs the oil fume produced during cooking. There are also intimate disassembly and washing designs. The addition of smooth and clean inner wall oil cleaning technology makes the inner cavity of the range hood cleaning and non -oil, oil stains and fats cannot be attached. Tobacco is always free to remove the tedious process of cleaning. In addition, the stove has also added a lot of high -tech design, especially the design of the new clustering ring, which makes the thermal effect more sufficient, the firepower is rapid, and the heating is balanced.


3. Combination of side suction range hood

This range hood has excellent performance and side suction design. The oil fume is very clean. It can also instantly absorb the oil fume when it is fired. The range hood also added frequency conversion voltage technology to reduce the air duct resistance. The diameter of the tobacco pipe was fired than ordinary air outlets, which made the oil fume clean up. And there are efficient four -heavy oil fume separation technology, fresh air. In addition, the range hood can use remote control, as well as special design such as cleaning reminders, booting lighting, and more intelligent, making it easier and more comfortable during use.

4. High -quality oil range hood combination

The smoking wind speed of this range hood is three times that of ordinary range hoods, because it has a large suction and a double -winged design. The appearance of the range hood is a black crystal panel. This is an explosion -proof glass. There is also a design of wisdom and dry cleaning without sleep and cleaning, preventing potential harm such as leakage, and ensuring safety during use. Moreover, the range hood also adds a lot of very intimate designs. The red dot anti -scalding design, the deeper the red dot, the higher the temperature of the stove surface, and the humane prompts to prevent users from being burned.

5. Top -sucking hood combination

This range hood can quickly absorb oil fume when stir -fry. The design of large suction power can easily cope with a large amount of oil fume produced by various forms of cooking, and designed for Chinese family eating habits. Moreover, the problem of cleaning the range hood is not a problem on this range hood. Disclosure new oil nets are easy to clean. The stainless steel body and the brushed surface of the oil grinding are treated, just gently wipe, no matter how stubborn the oil is stubborn, it can be erased, and the range hood is still smooth as new. In addition, the range hood is mute during use, as well as comfortable LED energy -saving lights, which brings a more comfortable experience.


6. Automatically clean the top oil hood

The appearance of this range hood is an elegant T type, with a high face value. The design of the strong wind can be available to the oil fume, so that the kitchen is instantly fresh, without leaving the smell of oil fume. Three -gear custom adjustment, anti -hot light without shadow, etc., large -capacity oil cup design can bring a more intimate experience during use. In addition, the range of automatic cleaning design, dual -closed hydropower isolation technology, reverse flushing technology, high -pressure flushing and other design can filter impurities, effectively clean the range hood, and bring fresh and clean space to the kitchen.

Well, Xiaobian has been introduced. Do you find the one that suits your home?