Anhui University has developed the world’s leading robot intelligent capture device


According to Anhui Daily, the reporter learned from Anhui University on May 6 that Professor Chen Wenjie, the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of the School, proposed a set of innovation “parallel adaptive grasses” design technology based on the “institutional intelligence theory”. Successfully developed multiple series of single -wheel drive self -adaptable holders to grab the operation of abnormal parts. This result can be used at the same time for irregular object capture and precision assembly, providing low -cost solutions for the customized intelligent manufacturing of the enterprise.

Multiple batches of production models and non -structured operation scenarios have become the normal production of the current enterprise. This requires that automated systems need to have greater flexibility and adaptability to handle different shapes, sizes and materials under the premise of ensuring cost benefits Parts. However, most of the current adaptive capture technologies adopt expensive visual and force sensing systems and complex control algorithms, which often leads to rising operating costs, thereby limiting the application of intelligent robots in enterprise production.

Compared with the existing multi -drive -based machine -grashed, the intelligent grip developed by the Ontario team has better adaptability, more stable, reliable, and low cost. In addition, in the process of grasping, even if there is no effort to control, the system can achieve self -closure of grasping force, so that the position of the caught objects remains unchanged before and after, effectively solve the existing multiple refers to adaptive adaptive adaptive adaptiveness The movement accuracy of exercise positioning in the process of “grasping -mentioning -putting” in the starting point is uncertain.

At present, the research and development results have obtained a number of national invention patents, and some models of products have been applied to intelligent production links such as Philips and other internationally renowned enterprises. (Reporter Chen Wanwan)