How to choose a power distribution box decorative painting to enhance the beauty of the home improvement


Nowadays, the distribution box has always troubled everyone, and the ugly appearance of the distribution box is destined to be the birth of the power distribution box decoration. However, for the beauty of the entire home improvement, the choice of the distribution box decorative painting should also be considered by the owners.

Among the home decoration, the distribution box usually has always been more conspicuous places such as living room, aisle, porch, and restaurants. If it is decorated, it will be more obtrusive, which will affect the overall home aesthetics. With the continuous development of society, the emergence of the power distribution box decoration painting not only solves the obtrusive power distribution box for the owner, but also enhances the aesthetics of the overall home. So, with the large number of people’s demand, how do you choose the power distribution box decorative painting?

配电箱装饰画怎么选  才能提升家装美观度

1. Select according to the decoration style

配电箱装饰画怎么选  才能提升家装美观度

During the entire home space decoration, the choice of decoration of the power box should be determined according to the style of the living room decoration. It is best to choose a power distribution box decorative painting with the same style. Of course, occasionally one or two styles with different styles are embellished, as long as it is dazzling, it is feasible.

Due to the home decoration, the decorative painting paintings of the power distribution box are particularly prominent, and the style is very obvious. It often has the visual impact of a family. Accessories match and coordinate.

配电箱装饰画怎么选  才能提升家装美观度

2. Select according to the size of the power distribution box

Generally speaking, the home distribution box is the same, but sometimes there are different sizes of power distribution boxes. For the overall harmony, when choosing a power distribution box decoration, you should choose according to the size of the household distribution box. Decoration paintings.

3. Practical and aesthetics

The purpose of incorporating the power distribution box into the home improvement is to be the beauty of the overall home space, so when choosing, the power distribution box decoration painting must also be ornamental. Of course, practicality is also a necessary condition for choosing a power distribution box decorative painting.

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配电箱装饰画怎么选  才能提升家装美观度

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