Short shirt + high waist under, a must -fire combination


Now the weather, there is no air conditioner really can’t live! There are also ice drinks that have also become “frequent visits” of grains.

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

In the case of becoming more and more hot, we must also keep it refreshing and fashionable in summer. If you want me to choose, you must give it

“Short top+high waist under”

Vote a ticket!

I often read my article, and I should know that the grains have been said N times: no matter what you are, you must have

High waistline

The presence.

Whether it is significant and thin, this set of formulas will not disappoint you. Don’t believe it, your product

With a short upper part, the fusion of the lower part of the lower part is complementary,

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

The proportion of three -seven points can be easily get.

Even if you are small or slightly fat girls, you can try nothing.

Okay, don’t say much! Next, give the little cute

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

Introduce different figures

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

How to control this formula.


What should I do if my upper half is fat?

“The meat is not a problem”

Everyone’s troubles about their upper body are different. The grains answered them one by one according to different fat parts.

▍ Big breast plump type

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

In the middle of the pumping rope, full girls will be more likely to have pure Feel.

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

There will be a hem also


The shape can be visually divided into the flesh on the stomach. A large short shirt is more friendly than Lou.

The middle rope is adjusted. If it is a conservative style, you can

Relax the rope a little bit

, And the effect of showing a small chest.

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

If the big breasts want to achieve a thin purpose,

Choose the right neckline is the key

Intersection See here, first

Throw away

Any small round neck, high -neck and other items in your wardrobe are a disaster.

Grain first


, Properly exposing skin on the chest, transferring the role of visual focus.

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

Love collar is a combination of square collar and V -neck, with a kind of reserved small sexy. The degree of exposure will be more lined than the side, and it will be thinner visually.

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

After choosing the neckline, we have to take a little care in color.

High saturation and bright colors will produce a sense of expansion, which looks fatter! Granular recommendation

Low saturation, Morandi color system

Start. It is not only refreshing, but also very personal.

▍ ▍ ▍ ▍

It is recommended to choose the sleeves of the vertical fabric to create a light and thin effect. The middle sleeve will be wider than the short -sleeved area.

I like the sweet and cute style, starting with bubble sleeves. But most

Bubble sleeve is not suitable for shoulder width

Girls, be sure to pay attention to soaking!

Choose slightly convex and add a little folds; like the shoulder meat and worship meat, they can be covered.

I prefer than the repair model

Slightly loose collar

Essence Care at the same time to take care of the little breasts and thick arm.


Leg -shaped imperfect is not afraid of

“All the skirt control pants are all available”

Tina, a good sister, is a fanatic fan of “upper short and long -lasting long”. Typical slightly fat body,

I know how to use the next fit

Come to modify thick legs. Sisters are really awesome!

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

So every girl must be confident, nothing cannot be solved!

胯 thick thighs and width

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

Tights can’t be touched! It will expose the shortcomings … So pay attention to two points when choosing pants:

One is the waistline, and the other is to cover the meat.

The problem of thick thighs,


Arrange it now! With the combination of a neck strap, the combination of sexy and cool handsome, the modern girl is both vision.

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

Good girlfriend liya is

Small pear body


短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

A -line version of pleated skirt

Come to modify the width; the whole body exudes the youthful atmosphere. The little lovers at school may wish to try this set.

There is also an obvious problem with pear -shaped figure: the upper body is thin and the lower body is thick.

The upper body can

Increasing the swelling through lotus leaf edge

; Lower body use

Straight pants weaken the strong sense

Essence As a result, a balance is achieved.

腿 The calf is thick and the legs are not straight

Cold legs are very suitable for wear

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

High -waist micro -trousers

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

It can cover the shortcomings and highlight the curve. With a short suspender, it is like a American retro back to the 8090s.

I like little cuteness with a little more casual feeling, and can be paired with slightly loose straight pants.

The floral skirt that has been shared before, its design:

Waist, high waistline, loose hem

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

You can easily modify various problems of leg type.

The little cute people who took it home with the grains all sent positive feedback one by one. Just one word: incense!

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合


Small skeleton, it is still imposing

“No more troubled by height”

There are also many girls with smaller figures around them, but this does not prevent them from the road of beauty. If you have the same problem, learn these tips, you don’t have to worry about it again

复 Design should not be too complicated

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

The popularity of minimalist wind is suitable for small people. If the element is complicated, it will make too many sense of quantity, and the small man cannot bear it, but it will play a counter -effect!

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

The whole person will become very cumbersome.

肩 Properly add shoulder elements

Girls with small skeletons look thin, and feel that the wind will fall. To strengthen the sense of power, we can contain

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合



Ruffle sleeve

It is not too fancy to interpret the gentleness and sweetness of girls. Hanging can raise the shoulders, and the little cuteness of the narrow shoulders is simply a savior -like existence!

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

If you are more confident, you can choose a tight bubble sleeve short top. The lower dress is paired with slim suit pants, and the little man can also wear Yujie Fan.

短上衣 + 高腰下装,必火组合

Lazy wear formula: complete set.

Pay attention to the proper skin between the neck and waist and abdomen to show a sense of lightness and body proportion.

That’s it today. Do you have a little bit of snack?

According to the shortcomings, choose the suitable item

You can easily play “short top+high waist under”! Is there a cute match for little cute?