Beautiful crying! After the hot search on “Wear a mask jumping ballet”, Shangba live broadcast publicly “unique cheats”, “prince” and “fairy” are so cultivated


At 10 am this morning, the rehearsal hall on the first floor of the Shanghai Ballet Group sounded a melodious piano sound. The chief star Fan Xiaofeng, Wu Hu Sheng and other more than 10 actors supported the handlebar, and made the ground and squatting. At the side of the beat, pointing at the action … This is a daily ballet training course, but because a “war” becomes different from the past.


Everyone in the rehearsal hall was wearing a mask with an interval of more than two meters and a mask jumping ballet. The breathing was a bit rushing, and the physical consumption was greater. After a while, Wu Hu Sheng’s practice clothes were soaked by sweat. On the other side of the rehearsal hall, a row of cameras was set up. Seven or eight “long guns and short guns” aimed at the star of Shangba, recorded the most professional demonstration actions, and then sent these shots to thousands of dance hobbies through the Internet. In front of the person. It turned out that the Shanghai Ballet moved from offline training at the end of the month to “cloud” and live broadcast on the platforms such as the headline of Wenhui.


“Discontinue can not stop training! At the critical moment of” resistance to epidemic “, the actors of Shangba wore masks and walked into the rehearsal hall to reserve physical energy for the full resumption of work after the” war. ” “Camellia Girl” Australian tour and “Fantastic Year” Hong Kong tour has been canceled by the epidemic, but the Barbon group is about to launch Beijing and Shenzhen many places in June. The actors must be prepared. It is reported that in the gap period, Shangba is still carefully polishing and modifying works such as “The Red Star”. Wu Hu Sheng is also creating a new program “Blue Blue Purple -Fragments of Memory”. “With this time sinking down to create, you can polish this dance more perfectly.” Wu Hu Sheng looked forward to this 45 -minute new dance program to meet the audience in May.

This period of recovery after the stage performance of the “emergency braking” is also the key stage of the “both inside and outside” of the Barn group. Recently, Shanghai has introduced “20” to support cultural enterprises, encourages the transformation and innovation of the performing arts market, supports new formats and new model explorations such as online on -demand, live broadcast, and promotes online and offline integration and development. Multi -channel release, multi -grid distribution, multi -terminal presentation presentation Essence Many theaters and colleges have acted to launch classic literary performance videos and online training courses on the Internet to enrich the diverse spiritual and cultural needs of citizens.


“While practicing dance technology ‘internal skills’, we also actively explore models such as’ Cloud Class” ”, attracting more ballet enthusiasts, and the rebound of the market after the epidemic.” Bazheng actively rehearsed the new show against the epidemic. The dance such as “Angel’s Smile” edited by Qi Bingxue, the main actor Qi Bingxue, and Wu Hu Sheng’s “Stunning”. Meet.


Last week, the news of the “Shanghai Ballet Wearing a Make Reunion” once appeared on Weibo Hot Search, and used platforms such as Douyin to interact with netizens to attract a number of new fans. Ballet art takes this “out of the circle” to run from the niche stage to the vast online world. According to statistics, as of February 26, the total number of clicks of the Douyin short video (including the official number) of the upper Pakistan actors has exceeded 1.6 million. “In the impression of the public, ballet has always been mysterious, and practicing will close the door. Although the ballet ‘” Straight Straight “requires that the world is the same, each group will have its own unique methods and standards for rehearsal.” Synthine said; “Now, through the Internet, we have brightened to netizens to get the” excellent trick ”, and we have been understood and supported by many people, and let more people discover and fall in love with the beauty of ballet. “

For “sucking powder” to rack their brains, “Ballet Prince” played “magic” short video

The public welfare public class of the Shanghai Baltaids began in early 2017, and the ballet industry was hot as soon as the class was started. In the past, a public class invited 50 or 60 dance enthusiasts into the rehearsal hall. Driven by the star actor in Shangba, trying to practice some basic actions. In order to allow more ballet enthusiasts to enter the first -class rehearsal hall of Barbar and experience professional ballet training, the open class has changed from the first phase of each month to the first period of each month from 2018. Essence On the last Saturday of each month, everyone remembers a beautiful date with ballet.


Today is the first “Public Welfare Class” after the Spring Festival of the 2020s. At present, the epidemic is destined to be different. Dance fans do not need to stay in front of the official service number to participate in the “spike” participation, and temporarily cancel the offline teaching mode and change the live broadcast. Despite the small screen, no matter where the audience is, they can draw full positive energy from ballet. In order to optimize the live broadcast effect, Xin Lili and the actors repeatedly considers the content of the public lesson, and even the angle of the position of the rod is adjusted one by one.

After many years of basic training, the live broadcast is the first time. The actors are still a little “nervous”, because they all face the discerning eyes of netizens. A little flaw in the rehearsal has nowhere to be in front of the camera. “In fact, don’t worry, training is to find the weakness to change the problem.” Xin Lili said that the basic training class was “cultivation”, “down -to -earth, every action is solidly found, the more tired it is on the stage, and the stage will be more beautiful on the stage will be more beautiful. , More confident. “


In fact, understanding the mystery behind Ballet through Douyin has become the habit of many dance enthusiasts. The official Douyin of the Shanghai Baltaids started less than two weeks since zero, and the number of fans has increased to 12,000. At present, the Shangba Jobo has released a total of 12 works, and each video has “soaked” the sweat of the actors. The “prince” and “princess” on the stage racked their brains, and gradually explored several shortcuts of “sucking powder”, and columns such as “moving forward” and “shaking spiritual cloud practice” attracted the attention of netizens.

Wu Hu Sheng has shot a set of shots with fast -moving legs for more than 60 consecutive times, with a highly popular Douyin “Divine Comedy”, showing a dazzling “magic” effect; Fan Xiaofeng took a beautiful route to rehearse daily rehearsal Together with the stage performance, the temperament of the practice and costumes is very different, but the posture is equally moving; some people simply play a “nonsense”, edited a few sets of warm -up movements to one piece of play, and twisted the weird shape. Let the viewer endure.

Not only is the official Douyin official number lively, many of them have a personal jitter number and upload the rehearsal short videos. As soon as the live broadcast of this morning ended, Wu Hu Sheng pulled the familiar photography reporter to shoot the video, and the shake on the show became a “compulsory course” every day. According to statistics, as of February 26, the total number of clicks of the Douyin short video (including the official number) of the upper Pakistan actors has exceeded 1.6 million.

There is also a group of “amateur dancers” in the fan base of Shangba. He had previously skipped ballet in the offline public welfare class of the Barbon. In order to meet their “follow -up” needs, Xin Lili and Wu Hu Sheng specially issued the “ground painting circle” class, recorded a full hour material, and then edited according to the gradual training process, and popularized the audience in a weekly manner. Ballet basic knowledge. Although the first video has only one basic action of “one -leg squat”, the lens can display the standardization of the action from all angles. This “no dead angle” presentation method benefits the scholars a lot.


Stop work non -stop work, and always prepare the day when the big curtain is opened

“One minute on the stage, ten years of merit on the stage.” The moment the beautiful bloom on the stage, there were countless sweat or even tears behind the stage, and all this was truly presented to netizens through short videos. Last week, a news of “Shanghai Ballet wore a mask” appeared on Weibo. Many people have worked hard for the actors who have worked hard, and some people question: “What are you anxious about the Bavin group? There is no performance now, and it will not affect the start a few days later?”

The Douyin of Shanghai Ballet immediately entered the “Q & A Time” and responded to the doubts of netizens with several short videos such as “Smile Behind the Mask”. In the camera, the actor Zhang Yao practiced with a mask waving sweat, and the sound of the outside of painting was his affectionate confession. “The smile behind the mask, this beauty comes from our original intention to dance …”


The staff of Shangba told reporters that the images of wearing a mask jumping ballet in the live broadcast and short videos today are the daily life. This state has lasted for more than 10 days. The US tour ended on February 1st, and when the members of the upper Parathi returned to Shanghai, they started home isolation. Unexpectedly, this rare long holiday caused actors to generally worry that the space at home is limited, and there is no way to do a large dance action training. Can it be the best state when the epidemic is ended? As a result, from February 17, nearly 50 actors who had been in the “house” more than 14 days were divided into 5 classes and returned to the rehearsal hall during the period.

The actors chose to walk or ride from apartments from 1.2 kilometers away to the Barn Corruption Hall. Before entering the door, they not only needed body temperature and washing hands, but also sprayed more pads on the foot pads at the door. In order to ensure safety, the rehearsal hall, locker room, tea room, toilet and other public spaces were disinfected once every two hours, and the corners of the corner of the door handle, mirror stool and switch were not let go.

It is reported that the basic training course for more than 50 minutes of live broadcast today is just a prelude to the daily practice of actors to practice. The training rehearsals will last about six or seven hours, and they dare not relax at all. “Stop performance cannot be stopped! Once relaxed, it takes a long time to recover.” Xin Lili said, “The actors must be ready at any time, and the day when the curtain is opened, they can immediately show high -quality performances on the stage. “

Author: Xuanjing


Photography: Chen Long


Part of the picture is provided by the Shanghai Ballet


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