I have seen so many bags, what I want to have most is Yang Chao this one, the butterfly bag bag is too dreamy


Everyone is no stranger to Yang Chao’s name. I believe many people will forward Yang Chao’s koi map. Yang Chao is very popular because of the popularity of the Koi people. Regardless of the setting of this person, Yang Chao is not set by Yang Chao. That’s because Yang Chao joked with Yang Chao when he participated in “Creation 101”. The strength of singing and jumping is average, but in the end, the third place has made their debut. Many people say that Yang Chao is lucky, so Yang Chao has the title of Koi. With the deep understanding, everyone can feel more than Yang Chao Chao. Cute, so Yang Chao is now popular.


Are you very interested in Yang Chao? What I want to say today is Yang Chao. Let ’s talk about Yang Chao’ s dressing today. Let ’s take a look. I have seen so many bags. What I want to have most is Yang Chao this one. The butterfly bag is too dreamy!


Yang Chao appeared at the airport today. Yang Chao dyed his hair into linen brown natural shawl this time, giving people a sweet and cute feeling. Yang Chao’s facial features are very petite and exquisite. With his eyebrows, Yang Chao’s eyes were bright, just like the stars in the midsummer night.


Let’s take a look at Yang Chao’s wearing Yang Chao. Yang Chao is wearing a black top, a military green down jacket, black jeans underneath, the most eye -catching is Yang Chao’s bag, purple Bows bags are dreamy and fashionable, which is very suitable for playful girls. This bag really wants.

Let’s take a look at Yang Chaochao’s other wearing. Yang Chao’s brown hair shawl, wearing a black knitted jacket, a white shirt outside, black denim trousers under the waist, black around the waist. Belt, Yang exceeds a bit more handsome.

Let’s take a look at Yang Chao, who looks like the princess. Yang Chao’s black shawl hair looks very sweet. Wearing a long skirt of Lolita. This kind of Yang Chao gives a delicate and dreamy feeling. Yang Chao seems to be like It is a princess that comes out of fairy tales. It makes people want to protect it.