Sweater+skirt = the hottest mixed routine this spring! Wearing fashion like this


I believe many people are the same as me, although not like it, but the magical thing is that

Usually don’t know what to wear, too lazy to match, just want to wear comfortable and relaxed


, I won’t hesitate to pick it up ~

Even in the summer, there are figures in the wardrobe except summer.

In short, it is not to pick people, no season, and can also cross the age and span the style.

Whether ordinary people or stars, they all love to wear ~

Like Zhou Yutong, except for attending big occasions, basically all OOTDs have sweaters.

It can be seen that it is really favored

However, there are many advantages and problems. Those who pass by must understand, although not picking people, but

Dress it well, wear beauty

It is more difficult than many items.

Loose leisure or bloated and non -repair, age reduction or childishness is cheap

On the item of the sweater, it is really just a separate line.

in the end

How to grasp this degree to avoid the sweaters from being fat and soil bug

Let’s talk about today

Many girls wear sweaters and want to be comfortable and uniform. But the cruel thing is that the reality is basically


Others wear, oversize casual style, wearing it yourself, it is 20 pounds of fat

How to improve this,


It is important to choose the right sweater version.

There is no fixed standard, but according to your body

① Shoulder width and back thickness: avoid slightly falling shoulders and wide -sleeved cage sweaters



The reason why the sweater is fat and strong,

The shoulder line has a large pot.

You have to say how big this line is, and there is no. The sweater on the market is basically

Positive shoulders, falling shoulders and inserting shoulders

These three


But the problem is that the most common thing we usually do is just the most error -prone–

Falling off!

in particular

People with width shoulder and back

Once you step on the mine, the upper body looks like a steamed bun, which is more than doubled, and the whole person is very strong.

▲ 90 catties of lower body, 110 catties of upper body

How to avoid this? Choose the right


Shoulder line position

especially important!

It’s not that the clothes that fall should not be bought, but a girl with width shoulder must avoid the shoulder line position.

The gray distance of the shoulder to the chest

Otherwise, the shoulder line will be in this position, and the shoulder will

There is a clear arc


At first glance, it is “wider fake shoulders”, and the whole person is strong and big.

And suitable for wide -shoulder drop sweaters,


The shoulder line is often below the chest.


The shoulder line is leaning down to avoid the thicker position of the arm,


The lines on both sides of the sweater will not be obviously arched, and the shoulders are naturally not affected ~


If you are really afraid of the strong girl, I suggest you

It is best to choose a sweater with a positive shoulder and shoulder.


A position where the shoulder line itself, a completely blurred shoulder line position, has little effect on the shoulder width and can be worn as usual.

There are quite a lot of shoulder -to -shoulder sweaters. It is not difficult to find, and it is easy to judge.


The shoulder sweater, the shoulder width is basically within 50cm

It is also necessary to judge according to the size of the clothes. The girl who does not know can compare the following size table.


You can see a girl who can’t find it

Sikech, Mo & Co

Many of these two brands, many of their sweaters are on the shoulder ~


The shoulder width is finished,

How to show a thin body on the side?

In addition

Sleeve cage is also a key point.

Girls with wide shoulders and thick backs are not flat on the side,

You must avoid loose sleeve cages

Otherwise, the side will be widened, and the lightness will naturally be inferior.

This seems easy to judge.

A sweater that does not show thick back,


It is just the right loose on the arm, and there is not much balance

, Pay attention when you buy it

② Short neck and large chest: Avoid high collar pords and high hats

Recommended: V -neck, lapel, low hat -type hooded sweater


The source of all evils and bloated and bloated


It is still inseparable from our golden area -neck.


For the flat figure and thin bars, the neckline of the sweater has little effect, and it is not bloated to wear. Once


The neck is short, the chest is large, and the neckline is selected in the wrong minute and the second minute becomes soil fertilizer.

For this type of girl, want to avoid this,

You must pay attention to leaving a blank neck.

The lower the neckline, the larger the sweater

The more white the neck is, the better the thin effect.

The most thin, of course


The largest V -neck and lapel sweater in the neck area

The short -necked star and big girl will basically not make an error.

Of course, many people like sweaters because of this


, Girls with short -chests on the neck can’t be worn at all, just when buying

Pay more attention to the design of the hat.


The material of the hat should be lighter and thinner

Avoid accumulating around the neck and look more cramped at the neck.

Moreover, there is another very important detail

Hat type!

Many hooded sweaters are obviously not thick, but because


The hat type is high, so the hat often runs backwards

, Daily lock -up, the neck disappears in place

If you want to avoid this, you must

Optimistic about this boundary line on the sweater hat.

The boundary line is round and narrow

Even if the hat fabric is already very thin, it will fall back, and it seems that the neck is thick and short.


Want to buy

Without throat, a sweater with a long neck

You have to buy this kind of flat picture to clearly see the boundary line, and the boundary line is wider, the arc is smaller

▲ Click the big picture to see this one

Sewing line between hat and body

Only the upper body can achieve the ideal effect, and the more

Suitable for girls with short necks and big necks

③ Apple type, back thick chest: Avoid the lower swarms and tightening



Girl with meat and thick backs and hips

, I always think that the sweaters cover the meat is thin, but in fact, the cover is covering the meat, but it is not thin at all!

The biggest problem lies in the hem.

The hem is completely scattered and the hem shrinkage is a big trap for girls with apples and thick backs.

Either the clothes are pushed up; or the clothes are piled up in the abdomen, and the waist and hips are thicker.

This type of girl,


It is recommended that you all choose the style of the somewlability of the lower jacket

, Can cover the belly flesh, the side looks flat

It’s not difficult to judge,

Different from the model, you can look at the flat map.

There are spiral circles in the hem, and the overall outline is not obviously expanding “/”, or obviously collects “/”,

It is slightly inside

It is a version that is more suitable for big breasts -type figure ~

The specific points of the specifics are also summarized for you, as long as


According to your body, avoid these minefields


, Choose the right style, naturally you can wear leisure laziness, not bloated and fat ~


Many girls wear sweaters, but they are not fat, but they always feel the random sense of wearing it, which is a little bit meaningful.

Others are casual age, they are passers -by


, Even look childish and cheap?

at this point,


Design and match with sweater

There is a big relationship!

① Showing the soil: Avoid the elements of cute and sexy edge

You all know the sweater, men and women can wear it,


A proper neutral style.

And these items, design in design

The most taboo is to be with the opposite style

, That is, the feminine style is too strong, cute and sexy, even female stars are a bit hold

I don’t know how to judge, it doesn’t matter, just remember to remember it,

Elements that should not appear on boys cannot

For example, lace, lace, hollow, and so on.


If you want to see the wrong, you will not fall into the rustic and cheap pits,


Choose this design directly


I feel monotonous, want to show other styles,


Wearing a fashionable sense, just start with the match.


Academy style, you can use strap pants and strap pants

Casual neutral wind, you can match baseball caps and thick sole shoes

② Progressiveness and cheap: The color of age reduction and printing are selected

Many people are slightly older, and they will automatically give up the sweater automatically.


Students are heavy, and even a little cheap.

In fact, I do n’t recognize this. Although it is indeed not formal on the large occasion, daily occasions,

As long as you choose the right style, you can wear it no matter how old you are

Essence Dai Fei likes it very much

This right style does not mean that you must buy expensive, buy big names, but to improve the visual texture.

Age -reducing, prominent color and printing, only one is enough to keep one

It is not difficult to judge specific,

The brighter and dazzling the color

, Look more energetic, the stronger the age reduction

On this basis,

The more you design, the more streamlined.

Especially the cute and childish elements should be reduced, otherwise the age reduction will become naive and cheap



Keep a small area of ​​pattern printing, but it is best to be a pattern with poor style attributes


Like simple English letters.

More secure,

The print color can be consistent with the color of the sweater


It looks neither monotonous nor a cheap pit.


Low color brightness, dark sweater

It will be more stable than the bright color sweaters, and it can be more casual on the pattern.

As long as not


Too large and too naive pattern

, Nothing will make an error ~


③ Passership strong: matching the advantages of the lower body in combination


It is difficult to wear a beauty sweater


It is because of strong leisure attributes!

The upper body is loose and loose, if the lower body is still like this, the body advantage is covered, and all the attention points naturally move to the face.


Whenever the appearance is slightly ordinary, a proper passerby

Picture source:@图 l Gella

How to solve this problem and wear a sense of fashion,


It is especially important to highlight the advantages of the lower body.

No matter what looks, as long as


Create one of the legs of the legs or legs straight

, Can break the sense of passersby of the sweater


Girl with thin legs, the original outline of the legs directly

The weather can directly expose the legs and take a missing routine of the lower body; if the weather is slightly cold, wear a slim pants shark pants.

Girls with thick legs, creating a long illusion of the lower body

It can also achieve the effect of getting rid of the sense of passersby.

Strongly drooping bottom

Can be realized

You can’t try it on the Internet, you can

Start from the fabric

Essence The fabrics of the suit, knitted or Wastefee pants are all possible ~


In addition to fabrics, you can also judge from the version.


This has also been talked about it many times. Just look at the model map or observe your upper body effect.


The more vertical the lines on both sides, the better the pendant feel.

This is the case whether it is skirt or pants. Like straight pants, micro -trousers, and small A -line skirts, they all have the effect of showing straight legs ~


The specific points also summarize the girls, as long as

Pay attention from the selection to the matching

, The sweater can also easily wear a sense of leisure and age ~

Okay, today’s content is here ~


Don’t look at such a large piece of sweaters to buy attention, you feel troublesome and difficult to pick. Take a serious look at the summary map of each part, and you will find that it is actually

Small points that can be avoided everyday

It is not difficult to do ~

It ’s better to buy it casually, it’ s better to put it idle and waste money.


Small snacks, pick more suitable for you

, The upper body is good, and you will be happier ~