Help you recruit peach blossom crystals


We accept and add love through the heart wheel.


The ideal situation is that this expansion channel is like a huge six -lane highway, and love can enter and exit freely. But sometimes the collapse suddenly caused us to break our heart. When this happens, the flow of love stops abruptly. The only way to remove this obstacle is forgiveness and loving ourselves. Crystal can help us cure our hearts, bred new love, and help you get a more positive attitude. The energy of each crystal will have a different impact on everyone. According to the reason why your heart wheel block, you may need to be stronger than the peacock stone.

Use powder crystal to achieve self and self -love


Pink crystal is considered a stone of unconditional love. This soft and soothing energy is released by powder crystal. As long as you look at it, you can help you breathe easier. We have the energy of men and women in our body. For women who think that the characters and responsibilities in their lives have masked their women’s energy, pink crystal is a perfect remedy method. It allows you to regain the woman’s side. The attributes of the sympathy, forgiveness and self -appreciation of Rose Crystal injected your heart wheel can help you change the negative mentality and embrace your true power.

Attract your lover with powder crystal

Pink crystal is very important for attracting love rituals. This is because pink crystal is the ideal stone that inspires the energy of love, from self -love, passion to fraternity. One of the rituals recommended to everyone is to put two pink crystals representing love in your bedroom. This is a feng shui that gets love. It aims to symbolize a loving partnership.


Another thing you can do before going to bed is to rub a piece of powder crystal on your heart wheel and hug yourself with the blessing of love. The most important relationship you have is your relationship with yourself.

The best love crystal of women over 40 years old

For all women over 40 years old, want to inspire fresh vitality in their love life, red -patterned stones are the stones that suits you. Whether you are looking for new love or re -igniting the flames with your partner, red patterns will be your choice.


Red -patterned stones are a mode of guiding the soul to break through and overcome negative, while in a gentle way of support. The older the age, the greater our responsibility. When others depend on us, it is difficult for us to remember that we need to support ourselves, just like we need to support the people around us. Use red stones to enhance your self -worth. Let the black stripes of this love crystal remind you that nothing is perfect, but even negative things can add clarity and beauty to your story. Use red patterns with crystal flour to release the past and exude confidence in self -worth and love.

Self-LOVE’s bathing ceremony

Take a pink crystal stone into the bathroom. This ceremony is an investment for your own health, so it is necessary to make it colorful as much as possible. If you like it, add rose petals, Himalayan salt rocks and essential oils to light candles and incense. Put a piece of pink crystal on the chest. When you are immersed in the energy of self -love, you will create a sacred space that allows you to restore your spirit.

Set a love goal for your crystal

Take the crystal of love in your hand and give yourself some time to synchronize with its energy. Say you your willingness to the crystal loudly. For example, if you want your crystal to attract love, you can say: I programmed the crystal to make it full of love of love. May it remind me that I am loved, I am full of love, and I spread love to everyone I met.

Why do you bring powder crystals

Wearing powder crystals can keep you synchronized with the energy you want to accept and release all day. Wearing crystals on your chest helps to constantly inject sympathy, light, passion and forgiveness for your heart wheel. When you feel that you have entered a dark and no love place, you can recover the energy of love by repeating a spell that spread positive energy on every crystal bead.

The crystal that is most suitable for men

Peacocks, known as transformation, men can use it to attract love from the outside and inside. This crystal helps the soul to recognize negative energy and release the pain of the past. Many rotating lines you see on this stone help it to summon you to exercise in your life. Coupled with the therapeutic effect of the malachite, the benefits will move along your spirituality and surpass the regret, sadness or lack of satisfaction. Wear a malachite necklace, so that your energy is always fused with the malachite. The treatment effect of the malachite will be connected to the heart wheel, open your vision, and see the positive changes you can make every day. When you release more love in this world, the universe will return your more love.

When you start with crystal, the most important thing is to remember to give yourself your time to heal your soul. Although we want these crystals to bring you a soul partner, we can’t. However, when you can better reflect love with these crystals, your life and perspective will change. It is this transformation that expands your heart wheel and makes you enthusiastic. The crystal of embrace love just reminds us to embrace life. When we do this, opportunities and people will come to us.