Night Lantern -Babies’ Night Milk Artifacts


Before the baby was born, we were well prepared. My husband also prepared the night light intimately, so that we could get up to feed the baby at night and change the urine.

When I first returned home from the hospital, my mother -in -law hugged the baby to sleep with them in order to let me recuperate.

I am also powerless, and I am inconvenient to move. Even if I want to hold the baby to sleep, I can’t help it.


In this way, the husband’s night light will come in handy. As long as you insert the power, it will emit a weak light yellow light, which can be seen without dazzling.

Seeing that my mother -in -law was on the night light at night, it was really convenient to get up at night. I always felt that it was not very good. After all, we did not have the habit of sleeping with the lights from a young age.

As a novice mother, I must not be idle. I have to learn, otherwise I can only be a novice mother. On this day, I accidentally saw an article. Should I turn on the night light for newborns?

As far as I checked the information, don’t drive well.


We should try to follow the laws of nature. It is dark, we rest, under the sun, we work. The child is the same, and the eyes and vision of the newborn are not perfect. The baby of the first three months is black and white. Sleeping at night will affect the development of the baby’s eyes.

Why are there so many children who are still in kindergartens now? It has a direct relationship with the increasingly developing modern society, and it is more directly related to the behavior of parents.

So when my mother -in -law asked to turn on the night light again, I asked her not to turn on, and it was not good for the baby’s vision. At first she didn’t listen, and then I hugged the baby directly to sleep with me. After that, I didn’t turn on the night light when I was sleeping.

The night lamp bought by her husband was idle [cover your face].