Aluminum foil compound phenolic foam outer wall insulation board


Aluminum foil composite phenolic foam insulation board

On both sides are the phenolic foam in the middle of the compressive coating film aluminum foil, the thickness of the phenolic foam in the middle is 20 mm, and the thickness of the aluminum foil is 0.08 mm.Its standard size is 4 meters × 1.2 meters × 20 mm.The properties of phenolic foam determine that it has good thermal resistance, low -temperature contraction and non -brittleness. It has unique flame retardant and size stability. It does not burn, does not deform, and dripped under the flames of the welded gun.The temperature can reach 150 ° C, and the instantaneous temperature is as high as 200 ° C.

Product structure of aluminum foil compound phenolic foam heating board

The aluminum foil compound phenolic foam exterior wall insulation board is made of double -sided aluminum foil and hard bubble production lines once continuously, showing a sandwich structure.Double -sided aluminum foil has been specially applied and stubborn to ensure good bonding between the layers, antioxidant and corrosion -resistant appearance; the middle hard bubble insulation layer adopts advanced mixing and fabric process.The thermal insulation performance is reliable.