What is the latest quotation of Crystal Mosaic Crystal Mosaic


Speaking of Crystal Mosaic, I believe everyone is no stranger. It is a decoration material commonly used in our lives. Crystal mosaic is a perfect ceramic craft and glass process binding. It has the characteristics of colorfulness, never fading, and convenient cleaning. Today, let Xiaobian popularize the latest quotation of Crystal Mosaic and Crystal Mosaic.

水晶马赛克是什么 水晶马赛克最新报价

What is crystal mosaic

水晶马赛克是什么 水晶马赛克最新报价

Mosaic tiles can be divided into several different types according to materials and craftsmanship. Crystal mosaic is a kind of mosaic tile. It perfectly combines ceramic craftsmanship and glass technology. The size is mainly 300 × 300mm per paste. The bottom is posted with hexagonal cloth nets. With the high temperature melt, not only has the characteristics of ordinary mosaic and easy to clean, but also innovatively innovate Sex has the advantages of never fading, acid -alkali resistance, flame retardant, etc.

Crystal mosaic, dominated by natural colors, the entire color has a variety of colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, white, gray, gold and silver , Puzzle and various gradient series to collage a variety of colorful patterns, which is richer than ordinary mosaic patterns. Crystal mosaic can be used directly on the practical decoration of the wall and kitchen table. It can also be used for the pillars of the additional decorative hall. It can also be clipped into small pieces of small pieces for waistline decoration and ground foot decoration.

Each unit of mosaic tiles is very small, and the color types are extremely many. Therefore, mosaic tiles can make the designer inspiration to the fullest, design an endless combination method, and show their unique artistic charm and charm and as much as possible Personal temperament. Therefore, mosaic tiles are widely used in various entertainment venues such as hotels, hotels, swimming pools, and other entertainment venues, home walls, art spelling, and so on.

Crystal mosaic latest offer

Peacock fish phoenix tail map European -style crystal glass mosaic TV background wall tiles tiles puzzle living room mirror spelling 32 yuan

水晶马赛克是什么 水晶马赛克最新报价

European -style Crystal Glass Mosaic Tile Housefront TV Background Wall KTV Mirror toilet Poundal Self -sticking 2.58 yuan

水晶马赛克是什么 水晶马赛克最新报价

Crystal Ice Mosaic Mosaic Tile Glass Stone Bathroom toilet TV Background Wall European -style Rural Mediterranean 13.80 yuan

Crystal 4 mosaic 149 natural shell crystal glass stone puzzle background wall sticker toilet tiles 24.88 yuan

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