About Tiger Haoya you may not know


In the last time the “Why is the Horse Horse” (poke me back to see it), some cousin commented that he wanted to learn more about the brand of Taggaya. I believe that everyone has noticed that Taggaya has gradually increased its domestic attention over the years, which is indeed worth analyzing.

Taggay’s history


Tag Heuer was founded in 1860 and the founder named Edouard Heuer. At the beginning, it was just a watchmaking workshop located in the small town of San Jiemi, Switzerland.

It is worth noting that there is no “Tiger” in its name at this time.


Founder Edouard Heuer


After the efforts of the Haoya family, the brand continues to grow and grow. In 1916, it created

The earliest exercise timing watches in the world;

In 1920, he was selected as an official timer by the Olympic Games; in 1962, due to his excellent performance, he was taken into space by American astronauts and became

The first Rui watch brand to go to space;

In 1969, it was even more Breitling and Hamilton, which announced the launch of


The world’s first automatic time -chain timing movement! (But there is still controversy in this incident, and many people think that this honor should be true time)


Before the 1970s, history was extremely brilliant.

Haoya is the first Rui watch to enter space

However, there are unexpected winds and clouds, and Shunshun Dangdang developed around 1970, and a cloud of clouds gradually shrouded the Swiss watch industry -quartz storm. No one can avoid this storm, and the Swiss watch industry was beaten in a strong storm, and there were very few survivors.

Tag Group (TAG)

Acquisition, the name is from here

“TAG Heuer”


“Tiger Hao Ya”

Essence By 1999, Tiger Haoya was acquired by another big brother, the world’s largest boutique group, LVMH Group, and became a part of LVMH’s huge business. To this day, Tiger Haoya has become a giant at the forefront of global luxury watches.


Looking back at the history of Tiger’s more than a hundred years, two points have to be mentioned: one is

This brand’s continuous technical breakthrough;


two is

It is the influence of the field of sports, especially racing.

These two points are also the key to determining the destiny and temperament of this brand.


The first point is Taggay’s technological innovation ability.

In the century -old history, Tiger Haoya has always had a pioneer spirit, making many amazing technical breakthroughs. For example, inside the clock, the gear supports the operation of the entire timepiece or a stopwatch, and the mechanical device and the time -to -time wheel system drive them. In 1887, Haoya invented the famous for the mechanical stopwatch

“Placing the gear”,

In this way, a complex system is replaced, and the operation device is simplified, so that the time to ensure the accuracy of the timeliness, it is easier to assemble and adjust, facilitate user experience, and reduce costs. It is a major milestone in the field of modern watchmaking.

This technology has a profound impact on the entire chronograph industry and is still used by many top -level watchmaking plants.



It is also the first luxury watch brand to reach 1/100 seconds; its successive belt has replaced gears, magnetic drivers instead of black technology such as travers, and are epoch -making technological breakthroughs in the watch industry.

Although some technologies still seem to stay in the concept stage temporarily, the gimmick is greater than practical (similar to the current driverless car), but Taggie

Innovative spirit and technical heritage,

Still obtained sufficient proof.


The second point is that it has a deep relationship with the car movement, which is simply engraved in the genes of Taggaya.

It actively devoted to the three most representative events of the racing industry–

The Monaco Grand Prix, Le Mans 24 -hour endurance competition, and Indian 500 competition; also designated as an official timer by F1,


Kimilainin, Alonso, Hamilton, Jane Sambarton


Many well -known F1 drivers endorses, the strong lineup of its spokespersons, rare in the world, is called the “Dream Team”.

In addition to foreign cooperation and endorsements, brands are also accustomed to drawing inspiration from racing. Among several famous series, Calela originated from the right

Mexico Kalela Panmei Circuit Competition


Tourism, Super Calela’s inspiration comes from


GT sports car,

The Monaco series is

The racing movie starring Steve McQueen is popular

Essence There are countless classic cases that complement each other with racing culture. In an exaggerated metaphor, the roar of the elegant blood seemed to have the roar of the car.

Steve McQueen’s interpretation in the movie has completely brought the Monaco series, and the effect has even lasted for decades

To some extent, Tiger’s hateful brand personality is consistent with racer, very

The avant -garde wind, ask for fierceness.


Is this style good or bad? Just look down and you know.

Taggay’s current


The current Taggie is elegant, and the advantages and disadvantages are equally obvious. Let’s separate.


First of all, the ugly talk is in front, let’s talk about its shortcomings first.

When it comes to Tiger’s elegant, the evaluation of many watchmakers is: “The price is not high.” Is this sentence right? Where do you come from?


The reason why this sentence is popular is because many people think

Tiger’s elegant quality is sorry for its price.

A cousin told me: “

Tiger Hao Ya spent too much money on marketing, ignoring quality control.

In the world, they use celebrities, movies, and advertisements to make marketing promotion very successfully, but this part of the high promotion cost must be passed on to consumers’ heads, and its quality is not matched with this price. So I think Tiger Haoya is a brand that is not cost -effective. “

In addition to Steve McQueen, the legendary agent Jason Berne wearing Tiger’s Haoya in the movie has greatly helped the brand’s promotion

Other cousins ​​said: “Taggaya’s movement has a well -OK‘ black history ’that makes me question it, that is, as the masterpiece of Hao Ya, but it has caused huge controversy

1887 self -producing movement.


Tiger Haoya announced that the movement was produced by its own, and labeled the “Made in Switzerland”.

But in fact, this was a transformed by the movement of the precision.

This seems to use Honda’s engine, but it is attached to a Ferrari brand. Then why don’t I just spend less money to buy a fine work? “

1887 movement


Others said: “Tiger’s gay does not seem to be wearing it, and the quality is easy to have problems. It is necessary to take it to repair it. This also leads to its poor performance of the second -hand market.”

The main disadvantages of Tiger Haoya in the mouth of cousins ​​are these. Does it make sense? Objectively speaking, these claims are biased, and many cousins ​​do not agree with these views.

First of all, it is a matter of cost -effective, and some cousins ​​say well: “

Someone made the elegant positioning wrong,

They regarded Taggaya as a table of the same grade such as Rolex, Omega, Earl, Cartier, Panerai, etc., and then felt that the quality of the elegant was not good. Please, people are just a brand of 10 to 30,000! “

This is actually very reasonable. In fact, in terms of positioning,


Whether it is the movement, design or quality, it is basically worthy of its price level.

Especially in recent years, in the case of Tiger’s low pricing, there is no problem of cost -effectiveness.

In this regard, there was a senior executive of Taggie once revealed: “We have also walked a lot of detours before and have always wanted to challenge

$ 5000-10000

The price, but we found this very embarrassing. In fact, at this price, customers have too many choices. Why should people buy us? (Maybe there are a friend who once said that Tiger’s elegant cost -effectiveness is not high?) ​​So later we adjusted the price to


1500-3000 US dollars.

“Facts also prove that the adjustment of this pricing is very successful, and now Tiger Haoya has become

World Luxury Watch Sales Sales

s brand.

Therefore, the problem of cost -effectiveness may exist in the past. But this is the old yellow calendar,


There is no high pricing price now.

On the contrary, as Jean Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Group’s watch department, said: “Tiger Haoya is suitable for the first luxury watch of young people.”

The black point about the second black spots, the so -called “Taggaya’s use of precision movement”, is actually a misunderstanding of some watchmakers who are not familiar with the watch industry.

Tiger’s 1887 movement is indeed transformed after purchasing the precision movement and some parts. The brand side was originally used to describe this movement. It is indeed a black spot that can’t be washed. However, many cousins ​​ignore two key factors when expressing their opinions:

1. The parts of the 1887 movement are not all provided by Seiko. Seiko is only sold to Tiger Haoya’s technology and swing wheels, travers and other parts. Your own factory is completed.

According to the “Made in Switzerland” standard, as long as the parts with more than 50% of the movement are produced in Switzerland, and the movement can be assembled in Switzerland.

The 1887 movement is undoubtedly satisfied with this standard and is a true Swiss movement.

2. Buy excellent patented technology and then innovate. It is normal in the history of world industry. Many independent watchmakers have been used by big brands to be used by big brands as self -producing movements, which is also common.

Originally, it was normal in the industry, and there was nothing to be black


——Ant to the quality of the movement, the technology of Seiko is not lost to Ruishou, and even in some ways.

In the end, it is the question of how to keep the value of Taggaya without being worn.

Regarding this aspect, the opinions of cousins ​​are difficult to unify. A watch friend who was engaged in the watch maintenance industry once said that he had done this industry for several years and found that in the watches sent to repair, Taggaya’s occupation was more. So he felt that this table was very impatient.

However, there are some senior watch collectors expressed their exact opposite opinions. He wore a lot of Tiger’s high -ranking watches, and almost no problems had occurred. Instead, his Audemars Piguet and Rolex often sent back to after -sales repair.


Regarding this issue, it is difficult to be convincing after all. The Taggie Haoya brand officially claims that their watch is “the lowest repairs”, but the official remarks, everyone understands, it is inevitable that there is a self -selling ingredient. I can’t reach the conclusion on this question, and I can only ask you to judge themselves.

However, the cousins ​​are really not wrong about the preservation ability. Judging from the situation of the major second -hand trading platforms, Tiger’s second -hand second -hand performance is indeed very bad, and the value preservation ability is relatively low. After buying Tiger’s grandeur, don’t think about preservation.

So, after finishing the shortcomings, do you have the advantages of Taggaya? The answer is certainly yes.

First of all, as mentioned above, Tiger Haoya pays great attention to technological innovation. Various black technology has emerged endlessly. Although it is not necessarily practical, the attitude and research and development ability are obvious to all. Since 2010, in the selection of the Geneva Awards in the “Oscar of the Clock Clock”, it has successively won

“Small pointer award”, “best sports watch”,

And the highest honor in the clock watch industry now-

“Gold Polying Award”,


The ultra -low -price flight Tusso wheels launched in the previous two years also passed the testing of major observatorys, which shocked the industry, and its technical technology level was fully affirmed and proved. Just as the director of an Oscar best film rarely shoots bad films, Tiger’s high -tech technology is still trustworthy.


The second advantage is the strong style.

This is particularly obvious on the Tiger’s high -end sports style watch. As mentioned above, Tiger’s blood flowing the blood of the car, so its design also incorporated many racing elements, which is extremely recognizable, flying with youth, and passionate young people are simply a perfect match. This is why Jean Claude Biver, president of the LVMH watch department, said “Tiger Haoya is very suitable for the first luxury watch as a young man”. However, this is not only the advantage of Tiger’s elegant, but also a small limit for it, that is, the age of mature and stable people who are mature and stable may not be suitable for wearing these series. Of course, Tiger Haoya also has not only sports models, but also many other styles to choose from, but the popularity is relatively high.

The third advantage is brand culture and historical heritage.

At the beginning, it has been said that the biggest selling point for the construction of Tiger’s brand culture is racing. They will also seize this selling point for cultural publicity, and continue to cooperate with well -known car events, teams, drivers, etc. Now people think of Taggaya, often with blood, passion, speed, fierce … These adjectives are linked. Tiger Haoya has also become synonymous with “cool”, as if comes with a spiritual bonus. At least from this perspective, Tiger’s high -level brand strategy is relatively successful.

Classic watch recommendation


Below, I recommend a few more popular Tiger Haoya models.

1. Men Formula 1


Ref: CAZ1010.ba0842

One of the best -selling watches under the brand, titanium -plated stainless steel case, black bezel, and the crown is very prominent. The tough style is very suitable for martyr’s wear. The reference price is about 10,000 yuan.



Men’s Formula 1

Ref: CAZ1010.FT8024

The black rubber strap and the details of perforation have a feeling of car tires. The racing culture really infiltrates Tiger’s elegant blood. The reference price is about 9,000 yuan.


Ref: WAZ1010.ba0842

In addition to the sports style, Tiger Haoya can also make such forms of casual leisure. The naval blue table is paired with bright orange details, which is very refreshing. The reference price is about 9,000 yuan.

4. 4..

Connected modular


Ref: SBF8A8014.11FT6076

A special place in Taggay is a smart table, such as this Connected Modular. And from the perspective of face value, it will not lose to traditional mechanical watches. The reference price is about 8,000 yuan.

Men’s Formula 1


Men’s dive

Ref: Way1112.ba0928


In addition to the racing watch, Tiger’s high diving watches are also excellent, and the reputation of the dive series is quite famous. This surface waterproof depth is 300 meters, suitable for elegant and low -key men. The reference price is about 10,000 yuan.


Men’s Formula 1 Alarm


Ref: WAZ111A.ba0875

Two chronograph dials, combined with the alarm function, make this watch one of the best partners of athletes and adventurers. The steel bezel with black numbers shows strong masculinity. The face value and function are very good. The reference price is about 10,000 yuan.


Men’s Formula 1

Ref: WAZ1112.ba0875


This watch continues the design style of Tiger’s strong male hormone, and the intensive “12” and “6” scale are particularly eye -catching. The reference price is about 9,000 yuan.



Men’s Callela Calibre 5 Day-Date

Ref: War201e.ba0723

This is a watch that can be paired with a dress. The naval blue table, with silver -colored scale and pointer, show elegance and mature temperament. The quality is also very reliable, with a waterproof depth of 100 meters and a dynamic reserve for 38 hours. The reference price is about 20,000 yuan.


Ref: CAY111b.ba0927

The 300 -meter waterproof depth, easy to read for luminous design, and the iconic curve of the Taggie Heroes diving meter, which looks good and practical. The reference price is about 16,000 yuan.


Men’s Calibre 11

Ref: caw211p.fc6356


When it comes to Tiger, how can you not mention Monaco? Monaco is the waterproof watch of the world’s first square case (according to the official brand of the brand, it is also the world’s first automatic chronograph). The legendary superstar Steve McQueen’s started in the movie “Fast Cycling” made this watch quickly sweeping the world. 38mm stainless steel case, blue matte dial and unique square case make this table recognize very high. The reference price is about 40,000 yuan.



This is about the introduction of Tiger’s bonus. Any watch brand has disadvantages, advantages, and suitable people. It is necessary to do enough homework before buying.

Based on the above, we can see that Taggaya is the main focus on

Black technology, sports style, pioneer avant -garde.

Therefore, it is more suitable for the budget that is not enough, but I want to buy a luxury watch, and I don’t care much about the brand awareness (Taggaya’s popularity in China needs to be improved), and the young people who are publicly have a publicity. Those who are more mature and stable, those who need a watch with a high reputation and recognition of the scene may need to consider it carefully. Of course, this is not absolute. It is difficult to buy a good heart. If you really like it, you can start with so many cities.

So, will you buy Tiger’s elegant?

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Men’s dive