Is there any side effects of blackhead export solution and how to use it correctly


Fighting with blackheads is a long -term and difficult process. Many people try various methods in order to go to blackheads, electric sucking blackheads, remove black -headed nose stickers, deep cleaning masks, etc. Of course The principle of use is to export the blackheads in the pores. So, the special blackhead export solution can easily export blackheads. It can be said that it is a blackhead nemesis, so is this effect so good?



Blackhead export liquid is a type of skin care product containing a softened keratin, expanding pores, and dissolving oil embolism. It contains fruit acid, glycolic acid, and beef grid extract (sterilization) ingredients, which has a better effect on stubborn blackheads. However, because it contains fruit acid components, it will be irritating to the skin.

Moreover, although blackhead guide can export blackheads, if it is directly used, it will be more irritating to the skin. In order to reduce the stimulus and help the skin to clear the blackheads better, you can assist it through the following ways:

First, after cleaning the skin, use a warm wet towel to apply black -headed parts for 10 minutes to promote the skin circulation and open the pores.

The second is that the cotton pad is dipped in wet blackhead export liquid, and the part of the skin is about 10 minutes close to the skin of the skin to soften the keratin, expand the pores, and dissolve the stubborn blackheads.

Third, shoot the skin with warm water, and then apply the blackhead sticker to the growth of the blackhead. After drying it, gently tear off the stickers, and you can see the blackheads and dirt taken out.

Fourth, clean the skin again, shrink the pores with convergent water or convergence essence, and gently massage the skin to help it absorb.


Fifth, after the above steps are over, apply a hydrating and moisturizing mask to the facial skin, which can not only hydrate the skin, but also calm the skin, which helps pore shrinkage and skin hydration.

Xiaotao skin care teacher:


Although blackheads are good, do not use it frequently, so as not to cause greater stimulation to the skin.


However, you can keep the skin refreshing and transparent through the usual cleaning, oil control, and hydration, reducing the chance of blackheads.