New favorite of vacuum sealing cans kitchen storage


In our daily life, in order to extend the fresh period of food, human beings have come up with many ways for thousands of years, such as smoke, sun exposure, and salt. The vacuum preservation technology is the youngest. As the name suggests, the food and empty contacts are reduced in the vacuum environment to delay the entire oxidation process and play a effect of extending freshness. Vacuum seal tanks gradually become the new darling of the kitchen due to their excellent sealing and easy operation. What is more common is that in the process of manual pumping vacuum can, the operation is troublesome and the sales are low. As a result, electric vacuum technology is born.

The indispensable helper of the vacuum seal is the electric vacuum pump. Shangli SanleAD electric air pump, built -in intelligent control chip, is convenient and efficient after automatic shutdown; and it can be charged when it is equipped with 800 mAh, durable and recycled; unified interface design, universally used in sealing tanks, sealing bags, sealing wine plugs and other products On the spot, the application range is wide, the hype is convenient and the real vacuum is good.

Product advantages:

Electric gas, liberate your hands;

Built -in smart core, automatic stop after drawing;

Universal connectors can be used for sealed tanks, seal bags, wine plugs, etc.;

真空密封罐 厨房收纳的新宠

800 mia recall the battery, environmentally friendly and high -energy.