Recommend 25 good -looking cushion long stools to make your home design soft and comfortable


Cushion benches provide a comfortable experience for the classic multifunctional space, with a wide range of uses and pleasant use. We have collected 20 favorite cushion bench -suitable for various styles and various indoor home design applications.


Find a spacious bench to make your entrance channel more fashionable and practical;


Find a compact bench to provide supplementary seats for the small living space;


Find a luxurious bench, put it at the end of the bed to rest and improve the elegance;

Find a long stool with a back and provide flexible seat space in the restaurant.

1. velvet big cushion long stool

The smooth clustered velvet velvet interior has white, gray, blue, or blue -green to choose from. Each horn is located on the open black legs covered with retro brass. Suitable for fashion living room or porch.


2. Oval velvet soft pad Mikhail

The gorgeous curve ensures that the Mikhail Stool remains attractive from all angles. The light foam filler makes the surface particularly comfortable, while the soft cotton velvet interior brings a touch. The width of the product is 62 inches -very suitable for large beds at the end of the bed.


3. velvet cluster velvet soft cushion long stool

This cushion long stool is inspired by the classic Chestfield sofa, and its outline becomes softer because it covers all the deep new buckle velvet on the surface. This single product is decorated with soft velvet decorations, which offers three sizes and five multi -functional colors. This oversized bench is 72 inches wide and designed for comfortable leisure.

4. Large FISKE cushion long stool

The elegant angle brings the serious atmosphere of the middle of the century to this playful cushion bench. Its geometric contour returns to the design of the atomic era, suitable for every room in the home.


5. Retro cushion with armrests


This retro -style bench is equipped with a low armrest, which increases comfort. The frame is made of solid wood, with medium brown noodles. The seats are decorated with soft tan fabrics with light -colored buttons. Used to supplement classics and modern indoor themes.


6. Arteriors Tuck Bench with the back



The lines ensure that the Tuck Bench maintains an inconspicuous visual footprint, while providing an unusually delicate elegance for any room. This charming Ray Booth design is designed with linen or leather cushions, and the base is made of sturdy walnut.

7. Vander cushion wooden stool

The solid oak framework makes the Vander bench a solid furniture. The framework is equipped with a series of leather straps. The seat cushion uses environmentally friendly Crypton fabric cushion, which has excellent anti -pollution and abrasion resistance.


8. Retro cushion long stool

The decorative wooden legs bring a charming retro appearance to this simple bench, which is very suitable for indoor themes such as vacation style. The diamond cluster seat provides two neutral interior options, which can easily coordinate with various palettes.


8. Moon -shaped bending cushion long stool


This whimsical bench design has a charming half -moon -shaped and slightly old -fashioned noodles, which is very suitable for French little romantic themes. The legs are made of durable rubber wood and are decorated with rich carving details. The seats use light beige flax cloth cushions to facilitate coordination.

9. Black velvet soft pad stool in the golden base

The geometric framework ensures that this cushion long stool maintains a light outline. The exquisite seat selection can add elegance to the narrow space without making the room feel messy.

10. velvet soft pad stool


There are more than 15 interior colors to choose from this affordable cushion long stool. It can easily find the perfect decoration suitable for any space. It is compact and spacious enough to provide simple daily comfort. The cone golden leg brings a charming luster.

11. TASHA bench

The soft curved edge brings warm and warm beauty to the Tasha bench. This work can accommodate two people comfortably. The seats and back use smooth creamy velvet cushions to cover the light foam filling. The cone golden leg brings a charming luster.

12. Cloud -shaped modern cushion long stool

The cloud -shaped outline brings a whimsical appearance to this charming benches, which is the enjoyment of the senses. This work has a well -filled seat on the solid pine wood, supported by the polished golden tapered stainless steel legs. The interior of the artificial wool highlights the aesthetics of ethereal.


13. Wingback cushion benches


The wing back and curve -beautiful convertible legs bring a delicate and eternal appearance to this handsome bench. This bench is very suitable for the dining table.

14. Low -back gray cushion long stool

Simple lines and smooth curves give this bench elegant appearance, which is very suitable for classics and modern interior themes.


15. MCM leather cushion long stool

This exquisite bench uses a full -grain leather cushion, which provides a soft touch and eternal shape. The base is made of solid rubber wood and white wax wood. The seat cushion has foam and polyester filling. Selected from the five leather color schemes, each is rich and vibrant.

16. olive green cushion leaned chair

The chic modern style ensures that this velvet cushion benches can show delicateness no matter where you place it. The back makes this work very suitable for supplementary seats in the dining table, living room or home.




With its smooth velvet interior and unique basket woven seats, few people will guess this attractive bench design can also be used as a spacious storage solution. Just turn the top to provide sufficient storage space for blankets, books, toys, etc. This work has five velvet interior colors to choose from.

18. Gray cushion long stool with the back

Simple backbone can raise the humble benches into a comfortable rest place. You can provide all support from the sofa or chair without a lot of space requirements. The handsome Chip Bench is made of solid wood legs, with six exquisite color matching to choose from.

19. Loretta blue cushion long stool

The eye -catching Loretta bench gives a smooth visual impression with its round oval seats, located on the polished golden elegant conical leg. Polyester velvet interior provides luxurious feel, while maintaining simple cleaning and maintenance.

20. Color cushion long stool


The gorgeous cooperation between Anthropology and All Roads Design shows the clever use of the concept of the cushion benches. This work uses rich woven fabrics, long streams, rich clusters, and playful tassel -color and texture tapestry.


21. Light pink cushion long stool

The wide curve brings a playful post -modern appearance to this bench, which is very suitable for indoor themes that are adventurous. This item has light pink pink or dark green green to choose from, and both will definitely bring bold visual effects. Plush fillings ensure daily comfort.

22. Leather Cushion X Long Stool

The combination of golden jewelry and black artificial leather brings a chic modern appearance to this cushion bench. The width of this work is 47 inches, depth of 17 inches, spacious but easy to place, and is multifunctional. It is suitable for supplementing the theme of contemporary, contemporary and industrial themes in the middle of the century.

23. Artificial leather and metal cushion long stool

The geometric metal frame makes this cushion long stool given people unprecedented modern impression. The cluster of brown artificial leather balances modern styles and traditional charm.



Frank storage bench is designed for MAZE by Louise HedersStröm, combining the industrial charm of perforated metal and the high -end exquisiteness of the leather. The pull -up can easily lift the seat to expose the spacious storage box below.


25. Bedroom cushion storage long stool

The beautiful Millie Bench is a simple storage solution for the bedroom and entrance channels. Its luggage lid can be lifted, exposing a spacious compartment, and a spare blanket or a general debris can be placed. Polyester interior can prevent dyeing and wear.

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