Cotton and silk summer quilt


As soon as the summer arrives, I always like to buy a few pieces of cotton and silk in the old town, because it sucks sweat, breathable, does not stick to it, and makes fatty short -sleeved shorts. It is particularly comfortable to wear on the body at home.


The old mother did not idle all her life, and liked her soles to make clothes.When I was a kid, the Chinese -style cotton jacket was made for us.


The beginning of the autumn, she took advantage of the old cotton and silk flowers on the market to make more special offers, and the imagination was improved.I bought a few pieces of wide -faced cotton and silk for a hundred dollars, a double -layer, and a double -road side around the sewing machine, sewing a few beautiful flowers and green names: “Xia Liang Qiu” gave me it to meEssenceShake it, the thin double layer, 1.9 meters long, and 1.3 width is just covered with one person.I felt distressed: “The thin blankets at home can’t be used up. What do you do?” The old mother stunned: “You know it will be fine.” After going to bed for a few nightsSilk -slip and skin -friendly, the air conditioner does not need to be too large, it is particularly comfortable, I can’t do without it now!Let’s try it too []]]