Rich function/Voice recognition difference C4 Sega Multimedia System Experience


We all know that in the era of mobile internet, mobile phones and tablets have already penetrated our lives, which also allows us to have more needs for car multimedia. Today we will experience the Citroen C4 Sega and see if its multimedia system is easy to use?

Console introduction

功能丰富/语音识别差 C4世嘉多媒体系统体验

C4 Sega is equipped with a 7 -inch LCD screen. The screen size can only be quite satisfactory now. After all, it is now the era of large screens. There are only volume adjustment and switching keys around the screen. More concise.

【Menu Operation Video】

The menu interface is consistent with the other models of its models. The operation is smooth, the function is rich, and it is not difficult to get started. In the experience, it is found that the screen will not become a fingerprint collector. It can be seen through a video experience. However, for the latest mobile internet functions such as CarPlay and Carlife, C4 Sega has not yet been equipped, and the Yuexin version of the Yuexin version listed on the Chengdu Auto Show increases the driving recorder, mobile phone mapping, and Telematics services.

Bright spot function

If only the above menu is rich, then the multimedia C4 Sega is very common, but fortunately it has a trick, the biggest highlight is that it is equipped with Citroen

Citroen Connect vehicle interconnection system

Including five major modules: offline navigation, security guarantee, interconnection sharing, information, and worry -free car raising.

On the top of the rearview mirror, you can see a red Dongfeng Citroen double character logo button. Long press this button to connect the background service staff. Navigation, security inquiries, information sharing, etc. can be completed through the operation of the background service personnel. In operation, Citroen’s artificial service has a good overall experience. After clicking, you will be displayed on the screen. If you want to navigation, you will send you to the car.

【Interconnection System Video】

Is navigation easy to use?

We all know that the navigation system is very necessary in daily car life. The screen of this car is small, but the navigation system is also highly practical, and the address recognition is fast. And there are many functions that can be set, it is convenient to use, and also provides real -time road conditions and weather information query.

功能丰富/语音识别差 C4世嘉多媒体系统体验

(Small programs have been added here, please understand the Che Di client for viewing)

功能丰富/语音识别差 C4世嘉多媒体系统体验