My travel selfie “Four Extraordinary Patients”: Mobile phone+mini three tripod+mobile phone clip+Bluetooth remote control


When traveling, photography is the main content. I don’t like to only shoot the scenery, but combine the scene with myself with myself. Every time I go to a beautiful scene, I take a selfie, integrate myself into the beautiful scenery. When we are old, we can leave more good memories.


When traveling, there are many ways to see people take pictures of themselves. Some are asking others to shoot themselves, but I feel that most people are very unsatisfactory, and it is a bit embarrassing to ask for a picture, and sometimes I ca n’t find someone to shoot. Some are self -portrait on their own mobile phones, which is convenient and convenient, but most of them take big head photos, which cannot fully reflect that people are in the landscape, and the effect is very poor. Other stones are holding the support, not convenient to say, and the height and angle are not easy to master.

We went out for a few years to travel and use the mode of taking pictures of mobile phones+mini three bars+Bluetooth remote controls. It feels very convenient and can also guarantee the effect.



Mobile phone


Having a good camera phone is the key to ensuring the quality of shooting.


There are many mobile phones now, endless, and there is a lot of room for choosing. In the case of economic conditions, it is recommended to choose a camera phone with fast focusing speed, large aperture, good aperture performance, and diverse functional. It will bring many unexpected gains to your travel. Essence




Traveling out, very few


People bring a tripod, except for those who are carrying large tripods with a SLR, almost no one can see the tripod take a photo with a tripod. I am wondering about this.


Mini tripod.

You can adjust the height at will.

When I go out, I will bring a small triangle. Those who pump the lever will be pulled out all at once. convenient. There is also this tripod very small. After folding, it is 30 cm long, which is particularly small. Do not need to be buckled one by one like most tripods, like most tripods. When used, they need to be buckled one by one.

More importantly, no matter the uneven ground can maintain the level, it can be used on the rock or the uneven places, and the level of the three legs is adjusted to adjust the level. There is no problem with this triangular frame with a mobile phone or card machine.

Sometimes if the height of the camera is still too low when using a tripod, or there is a railing behind you, you can get up with three legs and hold a selfie like a selfie rod, which is also very convenient.




Needless to say this. However, it is best to buy the upper and lower part with grooves, which is firm after stuck.

4. Mobile Bluetooth remote control

You can buy it on a certain treasure. It is best to buy that kind of charging, and some have a lot of functions. For example, you can change video and take pictures. After turning on the mobile phone camera, I hold the remote control to the front of the phone. As long as the mobile phone does not exceed 20 meters, I want to use it to use it. If there is no need to move in front of the mobile phone, you can repeatedly change your posture, take pictures, and video. Very convenient.

I rarely see people’s use of this way of taking pictures. When we take pictures like this, tourists often stop to watch, and some also ask us. Everyone agrees with us very much.

The above equipment can be bought on a certain treasure. Do you try it too?