Renmei 80 Edition “Water Margin” comic comic comic comic comic 1 (attached original draft)


Preface: Unconsciously, my writing career has been one year. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I published the old work published on the headline in the same period last year, and the “80th version of the Water Margin Comic Review Series” has been greatly revised, and it will be released to everyone to appreciate.

This series is divided into 6 phases, and the carpet -based register is analyzed, so that new and old readers have a impression of this book.

In the early 1980s, the comic paintings rejuvenated their new vitality. The People’s Fine Arts Publishing House cherished the old version of the Water Margin comics and the original manuscript was damaged.

The old version of the people’s beauty society, the manuscript is basically not retained

Once this book was launched, the “enchanting” shape of the Republic of China, such as the old version of the masters such as Bu Xiaoshuai, Xu Yanzhang, etc., while using the old version of the text script, the style of painting was flexible and eclectic, and it looked like it.


Re -painting version of the 1980s

Time, readers in the new era have been difficult to get in touch with this book.

Fortunately, professional publishers Zhang Leimu Guang was like a torch.

(At this time, Renmei has attributed this business into the comic comic publishing house)

The cooperation is reprinted all the hardcover books, the original printing is printed, the production is excellent, and the flavor of the original book is restored to the greatest extent. The printing effect is better than the 1980s edition!


Early publicity posters I imitate


It is a pity that if you are a serial painter, but without a set of people’s 80 version of the water Margin comic painting!

From today, I will take everyone to taste this classic. A total of 6 periods are divided into 5 volumes. Each period has a speedy view, and the inner pages of the cover are displayed.

About the picture and the manuscript egg: The picture comes from Zhang Lei’s version of the Water Margin set. The level is one level higher than the print.

NO.1 Jiubi Dragon Shi Jin (Rating: 7.5)

Cover painting: Zhao Zhitian Inner Page Painting: Brother Xi Xitian

“Shi Jin” means “starting to enter”, and with this name, he has naturally become the first hero to debut. The mysterious master Wang Jin was framed by Gao Yan and passed by Shijia Village. He pointed out the irritable youth of Shi Jin, which made Jiubi Dragon’s name since then.

Zhang Lei’s repulsive cover follows the retro principle, along the original design of the 80 version. The shading uses water ripples. The pattern is basically printed in full manuscript. The production is very good. The human beauty club has also been reproacked by the packets many times.


Look at the original cover, the dragon pattern on the nine -line dragon is not conspicuous, and the backyard scenery of Xi Wu and the character’s posture are beautiful.


The three Shaohua Mountain robbers are free, and the pen and ink are concise.

This move from Shi Jin was called pushing the window, and Wang Jin played a gesture to teach him how to adjust the angle.


No.2 Lu Zhishen (score 7)

Painting: Ma Cheng

Lu Zhishen’s story is well -known. He was uneven. He killed the bully butcher to save the beauty. Later, he met Yang Zhi, and the two were inseparable and occupied Erlong Mountain. As for Zhishen’s heart love Wu Song a little more, or is it more than Yang Zhi? This is intriguing.


The scene of the cover was his new Zen stick. Seeing the hilarious hunter, he waved up. But the expression is not like, too correct, and it seems that he should laughed madly at this moment.

Ma Cheng’s paintings are simple and planes like comics. They can see that the skill is, but there is still a gap with the average level of the whole set of books.

The King Kong on Mount Wutai is also a hippie smile, which is quite happy.


NO.3 Wild Pig Forest (Rating 8.6)


Cover painting: Liu Dawei inner page painting: Zhao Hongben, Zhao Rennian


Back to the story of Lin Chong’s death in the wild pig forest, the embargo leader Lin Chong was framed by Gao Yan because of his wife’s beauty. The tolerance on the road is about to start. Friends Lu Zhi shot and rescue each other. This plot is nervous and thrilling.

Lu Zhishen on the cover was in white, and he fell from the sky like the gods, scaring the soul to fly away.


Lin Chong broke the wall and peeped. I couldn’t help thinking of the CCTV version of Lin Chong and Zhizhi deeply discussed the martial arts.


Zhao Hongben was the boss of the Hai Pai altar. He cooperated with Zhao Rennian, who belonged to the first -class level, and he was obviously a qualitative leap compared to the previous two levels. The intensity of ink color has greatly affected the audience’s perception. Two Zhao obviously did it. Although it was not their best work, it was worth giving the high score of 8.6 under the combination of double swords.


NO.4 Lin Chongxue Night Liangshan (Rating: 8.8)

Cover painting: Wu Yan inner page painting: Gao Shi


The court loyal dog Lin Chong was framed and fantasized about the official recovery. Until Lu Qian forced him to be unable to stand, he simply killed the enemy, burned the grass field, and was forced to fall into the grass.

The painter Wu Xi was the editor of the human beauty society at the time. The works were not many but very high. The cover of the cover is very simple, and the manuscript shows the more vivid and lush pine leaves, and it is ingeniously covered with dark colors with dark mountains, highlighting the snow in the snow at night, and the pine tree as the prospect makes the snow more conspicuous. The vaguely visible small temples in the distance should be the Temple of Shan. At this moment, he should still be on the way to sell wine, because he did not see the fire. As far as the character costumes are concerned, Fan Yang felt, the red fire head vest, the robe cloak, and the red gimbrin gourd are all linked labels at a glance. The color matching is very eye -catching. This picture can be called one of the top cover in the set of books.


Looking at the inside page of Gao Shi, the style of black and white blocks, each pen is very stable. Although it is not amazing, the details that should be unambiguous.


NO.5 Yang Zhi sells knives (score: 9.5)

Cover painting: Jiang Hao inner page painting: Wang Hongli

Yang Zhiluo lost Hua Shigang, lost his family as Gao Yan, and did not appreciate it. He could only sell his ancestral Bao knife. He lost his hands and killed the provocative splash.


The cover was painted by Jiang Hao. At first, I mistakenly thought it was also the work of Master Wang Hongli. It was really not his style.

This is exactly when Yang Zhi and Niu Er’s conflict broke out. Due to the difference of thoughts, Yang Zhi’s fate will change. The movements and eyes of the two are very vivid. In the direction of the willow leaves, Niu Er is in the backwind, so his life is difficult to protect.

Unfortunately, the background is slightly thin, and the score of this book is only buckled on the cover.


In 2019, Master Wang Hongli has left us, and countless friends have deeply regretted it. His old man is particularly good at classical themes. Yang Zhi was a proud work. In the 1990s, he also made up the color version, which was also amazing and excellent.


Zhang Lei once reprinted the “Yang Zhi Selling Selling” big hardcover version. Last year, the 16th announcement paper version was released, and the inner page was equipped with Wang Lao’s color page.

The dragon fighting between Lin Yang, I am willing to call it the first to fight the Water Margin, the two words: “Wonderful”.

Looking at the section of Yang Zhi and Suo Chao in the showcase, we can appreciate the dynamic gesture of the horse war riding.

Mrs. Mrs. Cai’s eight -character eye, eight -character face, ugly, and exquisite indoor furnishings, no sloppy.


I am Edo Xiaowei, and I will update the wonderful content of 6-10 volumes in the next issue. Please pay attention and like it ~