As soon as you learn the high -value crystal jelly, Xiaobai can become a chef for 1 second


Today, I want to share with you a super delicious high -value crystal jelly. The method is super simple, just look at it. Water tender Q bombs, I have learned to go out and buy anymore.


BY Shenzhen Bian Bian [Official Certification of Douguo Food]



30 grams of white cold powder

300 grams of boiling water

20 grams of sugar


A moderate amount of blueberry


Moderate amount of cranberry


Half of the orange

Fire Dragon Fruit

Practice step

1. Prepare the required materials.


2. Peel the dragon fruit and cut into small pieces.

3. Orange peel and cut into small pieces.

4. Put the fruits in the jelly mold.


5, sugar and white jelly pour into large bowls.

6. Boil a pot of boiling water in a hot kettle in a small pumpkin and pour boiling water into the bowl.

7. Quickly stir with a spoon, and then put the liquid spoon into the mold.


8. Stay for about 20 minutes, and you can remove the mold.

9. You only need an electric kettle to make food. Is it super simple?

10, good -looking and delicious, especially ask children like it.

11. You must try it.



I use the mute kettle of the small pumpkin. This kettle uses Japanese fluoropolytic coating, which is all -round and mute, so as to achieve the effect of removing the quiet sound. It can also prevent scaling crystals.

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