Gansu Pavilion Collection Boutique Copper Sakyamuni Buddha statue


Copper Shakyamuni Buddha statue,


In the Yuan Dynasty, secondary cultural relics.27 cm high.Gao Hao looks like a cone, snail hair, a square shape of the surface, and the eyebrows are flat, the eyes are slender, the eyelids are sagged into an arc, the nose is straight, the lips are thick, the large earlobe shoulders, and the skin is full.Dressed in the right shoulder, sitting on the cricket, putting the umbilical seal below the umbilicus in the left hand, and the right hand stroking the knee to touch the ground.The eyes were slightly closed, the expression was quiet, reflecting the wisdom and lofty of the Buddha, the sculpture skills were free to refract, the puppets that were close to the body were gentle and rich in texture, and the full muscles seemed to be elastic.While the Yuan Dynasty Buddhist art, while absorbing the statue of the Central Plains, Tibet, Nepal, India and other places, it was combined with the Buddhist statues of the nation. This Buddha statue has a relatively distinctive ethnic and regional characteristics.It is now hiding the Gulang County Museum.

(Gansu Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau)