In the early autumn, the high skirts that are thin and thin are here! Peacebird is better than UO, ZARA


During the year and four seasons, the most unstoppable is the girl’s love for “skirts”. Regardless of the hot and cold, we always have a way to find a skirt for ourselves hahaha! Let’s take you to see the autumn [Half skirt] collection together today!


Scotland skirt

Refuse the Scottish half -body skirt

It can be said that this autumn and winter highlights, necessary fashion items.

Traditional Scottish checkered skirts can be split into

The two highlights of the grid and pleated


Whether it is sweet and fresh or street punk, it can be easily built, and it is not good to match people.

UO classic flat -grained wrapped hair edge slim skirt

The checkered mini skirt from the Urban Outfitters family, to say that the first thing to say is UO. The version is simple,


Asymmetric treatment


Added highlights.

Both colors are beautiful,

In autumn with high socks, just just right

Essence The waist has enough width, which is very suitable

It is sweet and sweet ~

UO retro square printing small split mini A -line skirt

The A -character version is more suitable for most girls,


Not to be width


Modify the waist and abdomen

, Randomly, even if you only have a black sweater or T -shirt above, you can easily wear American retro.

The three checkered color matching is excellent, but I prefer the large parallel color matching of yellow and black gray, which is very foreign, but on the match, it is still


Small grids are more likely to produce effect

Peacebird yellow plaid A -line skirt

A -shaped mini skirt player on the material,

PU material is very grabbing

, A must -have for eye -catching, the concave shape must be necessary, it must be the brightest cub in the crowd ~


Taiping Bird INS College style pleated skirt

College style

It was once synonymous with checkered skirts, and was always loved by retro girls. The gray grid is very versatile. The good partner of the high -waisted pleated skirt is usually paired with a shirt or a short hooded sweater to quickly show the legs and waist.

Taiping Bird Retro Wind Blocked A -line Skirt Short Skirt

Compared to the basic gray grid, this yellow -brown is obviously more obvious.


Lively and beautiful

Even if it is neutral, it is warm. Such a plaid skirt with yellow lines will never make an error. It is also very versatile and does not pick people.


The very characteristic Scottish checkered skirt, the majority of Asian women will wear it

More biased towards Japanese style


It is not recommended to buy a short girl, it will be easier to press, but for girls over 165cm or more

Retro and cover your legs

Good helper.



Pear -shaped figure

It can be paired with wide waist to increase the proportion of waist and hip, which shows longer legs.


Peacebird high -waist suede pleated skirt

Romantic fishtail skirt

Like the color transformation of autumn and winter, the tone of the entire autumn and winter looks like

Lively and romantic

It is very different from the simple wind and cold wind that was popular in the past.

Compared with the pencil skirts of the previous quarter, the horn skirt is a derivative, and still emphasizes the female waist curve and sets off the figure, but compared to the pencil skirt, it is more obvious.

Romantic feminine

The most representative is

Mermaid skirt


It’s right.

If you match with a coat and sweater, you can avoid Volkswagen black, and pink purple gray, baby blue and other colors can have good effects.


Full score

The white skin will be more white when wearing it. If you wear your legs, do not try yellow skin easily. Unless the girl on the beautiful line of the beautiful and black routes,

Color saturation is relatively high


, Overlapped lace is very feminine and shows the temperament of the little woman. Such a fishtail style is very very good

Modify the calf leg shape

Short can also control. It is worth noting that the upper body should not be too fancy, and it is easy to be cumbersome with the skirts.

The flax texture skirt is most suitable for autumn, but this skirt is very good, olive green itself


Advanced and versatile

The width of the lotus leaf is large and stiff, rich but neat. The color is very autumn and winter and red -brown yellow is a perfect match. It can also be matched with blue. Suitable for

Mature route

Very sweet and temperamental flower printed long skirt,


Micro -speaker design

, But already a bit of A -character, very Japanese rural wind,

A must -have for age reduction

The single product. The color matching is very good. The reddish brown is very suitable for Asians. It shows the complexion of the skin, and it is very good at going out with her boyfriend.

Peacebird Black High -waist Saton Skin Skirt



It has always been hot, and girls can not resist the glittering items. Needless to say, the yellow is actually a bit of matching, you can match it with the red brown of the khaki ~

The satin fishtail can be said to be a must -have this year,


High body and good match

You can participate in any style.

Taiping Bird High waist knitted fishtail skirt

Knitted fabric

I have to stay to the end. I love the most in the late autumn.

Broken socks and knitted skirts

, Soft and comfortable, fortunately walking, a must -have for lazy people. The fishtail design really helps the leg shape. Although this skirt is also a fishtail, it is small and not mature.


Student party

It is also suitable for wearing, daily and versatile.