Applying the film is tingling, is it too short of water? Not


On this day, it really collapsed every day!

Under the torture of high temperature, the skin sweats a lot, and the water loss will be lost faster. At this time, if you do not make good hydration, the consequences will be very serious!


When it comes to hydrating, it is essential to apply the mask ~


Whenever there are important occasions, if you want to ensure that you do n’t get stuck or rough, I have to apply the mask the night before, mainly to hydrate and moisturize.

In fact, the skin of most female stars in the entertainment industry is quite beaten. Except for daily basic skin care, the items that most often appear on their faces are probably the mask.


Even when drinking water to eat, it is enough to see how important the mask is!


After a whole day, applying the mask was originally a relaxation and happiness, but when the face was on the face, the whole person was not good!

There is no cold and coolness, but there is a tingling. Is there a problem with the mask?


Although the mask is not universal, it is absolutely impossible without the mask.


Why do you have to tingle the mask sometimes?

Skin severe water dehydration

Yes, severe skin dehydration is tingling, but this is not the only reason.

If the skin is in a state of severe water dehydration, the spacing between cells will become larger, the surface cell activity of the skin will be reduced, and the collagen will be lost in large quantities, and the skin will be dry and tight. The skin does not adapt to a tingling sensation. After a few minutes, the tingling sensation disappears.


Allergic reaction


If you continue to feel tingling after the face on the face, and the redness of the face is red and itchy, that is, this mask is not suitable for you, and there is no product in the world that is suitable for everyone.

The principle of allergies is that the skin barrier function is damaged, the external foreign body invades, and the inflammatory response to remove foreign bodies starts with the skin. At this time, remove and wash it off immediately, then apply some repair products. Do not apply it to let the skin calm down.

Temperature difference causes sensitivity


In order to cool in summer, many people put the mask into the refrigerator. Although it feels cool when applying this way, it is cool, but long -term doing this will cause skin sensitivity and destroy the skin barrier.

The skin barrier is a brick wall -like structure. The keratin cells of the epidermis are bricks. The lipid components between cells are cement between bricks. The keratinocyte cells falling off on the skin surface are paint on the wall surface.

The damage to the skin barrier is equivalent to the painting on the surface of the wall, and the skin’s protection is poor. Sisters, don’t be cool for a while, “abuse” their own skin!

Apply it every day, beware of dermatitis and sensitive muscles!


You can recall the usual bathing. Did you feel the skin is tender after washing?

This is actually the stratum corneum that enters the hydrochor state.


Water combination can be fully understood in water. As mentioned earlier, the mask forms a local closed environment on the surface of the skin. In addition, the mask fluid is soaked, and the effect of hydration is very strong.

Apply the mask every day to soak the stratum corneum frequently and continuously soak water. Although the skin looks tender and shiny every time, it will actually gradually develop into a state of excessive hydration.


Occasionally soak in, can water, what will happen every day?


The answer is likely to damage the normal function of the skin and [hydrophilicitis] occurs.

Excessive hydrophilic skin, width of keratinocyte gaps, enhanced permeability, some stimuli is easier to enter the skin, and even some keratinocytes fall off, and the skin barrier is damaged.


The skin of this state is equivalent to: my door is often opened, the skin’s defense ability weakens a lot, it cannot resist various external stimuli, and sensitive muscles and inflammation will naturally appear.

How to choose a mask suitable for you?


1. First of all, it must be safe. Whether the inner side of the arm is allergic, (the mask essence is applied to the inside of the arm, waiting for 15 minutes) Don’t use it to turn into acne.


2. Patching mask can first preheat the essence in the bag in the palm of the bag. It smells whether there is a odor, overweight flavor and alcohol. If these three types have one, please do not use it.

3. Patch mask must have a certain amount of essence in the mask bag, otherwise it is likely that the mask is dry.


4. Apply the mask if it is too irritating to the skin, please do not use it. Now many mud mask will stimulate the skin after applying it. If you have sprayed moisturizing and spraying before applying the mask. If you go to the keratin, you should try not to choose this.


5. The best frequency of the mask is 2 to 3 times a week, and the length is 15 ~ 20min (except for the cleaning mask)

You can choose from the smear mask and sliced ​​mask, just follow your own habits.

As long as you can replenish the repair of a good mask, how to choose a good and cost -effective mask, M editor the horse to tell everyone.

01 Drunk Elephant “Deep Water Bomb” electrolytic ion nightgaining mask

Reference price: 50ml/432RMB

The name “Deep Water Bomb” is very attractive, and the packaging is also cute. In the summer, the shopping mall at home is air -conditioned. Do you say that your face can not dry? The skin condition is really unstable, so hydrating and stability is my recent main task.

And I love the mask of the night, apply it before going to bed, and I can see a clean and full face the next day. “Deepwater bomb” can be released through electrolytes that can be released at a full effect. Vitamin F micro beading factors can be released, helping the skin and repairing the effect, replenish water, and make the skin tender and full.

It is also very suitable for dryness and fatigue caused by the situation of drunkard and staying up late.


But it is not just a simple moisturizing mask. Five types of lipidine and biliary glycols are matched with liposcin and other liposcopy, which combined with polysaccharides such as seaweed sugar and mannitol to form a comprehensive barrier repair system. Different forms of fats are supplemented and reshaped the sebum film. Antioxidant substances such as nicotinamide and sulutic acid can also provide more protection for damage to the barrier.

The texture is refreshing, and the silk is smooth and moisturized. Because it is thin and thin, you don’t have to worry about the acne at night.

The experience of using the experience is good. After the last part of the skin care before going to bed, apply 3-4 pump on the face, and then go to bed. The next day, you will feel that all nutrients are absorbed, the skin is filled with filling Full, because the skin is in good condition, you will find that the pores are visually delicate.


And it belongs to the moisturizing lotion texture, which can be used as a lotion for dry skin. When I was in a hurry to make up but want to be lazy, I even wiped it after cleansing. It is more convenient to use makeup and makeup.


The packaging of drunk elephants is always so pleasing, and it is very convenient. It can be pressed. There is no need to get everywhere, and the sealing is stronger.

02 Korres Greek yoguy probiotic multi -effect repair mask

Reference price: 100ml/350RMB

When I get home, I want to make a spa for my face. I want to come and think about it. At this time, I inevitably think of the delicate, tasteful and smelling yogurt mask. The face will be white.


Korres’s yogurt mask was also recommended before. I used to stock up again while 618 last month, adding up to 7%of Greek yogurt, making high -quality probiotics a natural barrier of the skin. The texture is as smooth and thick as yogurt. The upper face is super comfortable.

The four major probiotic elements regulate the skin’s micro ecology, restore the skin flora, soothe the skin pressure while improving the skin’s self -repair, balanced the pH value, and restore the skin’s muscle state with a smooth baby.


In addition, adding concentrated seaweed polysaccharides is the essence of the deep sea to promote micro -ecological balance and allow the skin to cure itself, so as to be healthier, lasting, more efficient and comprehensive.

Of course, there is no need to worry about the dry skin after the mask is used. The composite triple hyaluronic acid molecules have a three -fold moisturizing power beyond the past and continuously moisturizing. It can also refrigerate the mask in summer, soothing the skin to cool down.

The texture is the dense old yogurt texture that will definitely be satisfied with the skin sensation school. There will be a faint almond aroma when smelling it. )

Wash it off for about 15 minutes each time, the face will be bombarded and moist! Because it contains a lot of repair ingredients, I occasionally use it for post -sun repair in the summer, and the soothing effect is OK.


03 L’Oreal bandage mask

Reference price: 5p/198RMB

L’Oreal’s bandage mask, although I think there is not much promotion, it is really attracted by the retinol added inside! Intersection Intersection


L’Oreal chose her own retinol PRO as the main ingredient. On the basis of promoting collagen and reducing fine lines, it is more milder than ordinary A alcohol!


There are also old -fashioned repair ingredients, cumulative grass extracts, and hydrocarblons in the water supplement industry.


Although thirty masks are not cheap for me, L’Oreal is really attentive! The essence of a bandage mask is mostly half a bottle of anti -early cream! Add 3D bandage package technology! Let the entire mask really stick to the face like the bandage, and it feels like it can’t be dropped at all!

I used about a box of about it, obviously I felt that my face was more compact and my skin condition was much better! Like I used a golf essence in a short time before! Although it is not cheap, I will continue to repurchase!

04minon moisturizing mask


Reference price: 3P/110RMB

The most basic hydrating and moisturizing mask of this Minon is very mild. At the same time, the hydration repair effect is very good. During the season, the skin sometimes does not feel irritating even if it is applied to it at that time. I have been repurchase for three or four years.

And this price is cute, and it is not distressed for daily use. You can easily buy purchasing purchases in a Japanese medicine shop.

This mask is wins mild, and the effect may not be obvious at first, but after a few continuous use of the skin, the skin is short of water, which will gradually improve.

Its essence is the texture of jelly gel, but it is refreshing and not sticky at all. The mask paper of the mesh fiber is not very thin, the face is quite convincing, and the essence is sufficient.


Every time I take off the mask, I habitually massage my face, and I feel that the absorption effect will be better.

Sensitive muscles can also be used. My friend’s face is easy to flushed. I insist on applying it, and my skin has improved a lot.


From my own perspective, if you choose the mask now, you really use the first priority, because if the mask is uncomfortable, it will really feel uncomfortable.

At the same time, I remind everyone that the first role of the mask is still a hydrating effect. Although the effect can also be done well, after all, it is not recommended that everyone use it every day. Auxiliary.

Only by learning the correct method of applying mask can the skin nun healthy ~