Niche design sensor diamond crossbody handbag


Hfresh niche design diamond cross -body handbag

Brand: hfresh

Net weight: 369g

Structure: 1 inner rear zipper bag+1 inner front patch


Material: PU

Bringing: 15cm in the middle height, 51cm high in the chain

Shoulder strap regulation: non -adjustment/non -demolition

Carrying method: hand -hand/shoulder/crossbody


Packaging: packaging box, dust bag, filling

Color: caramel/rice white

Hfresh /size parameters

A: 15 cm (in the middle high)

B: 19.5cm (bag height)

C: 9.5 cm (bottom width)

D: 20 cm (bottom length)



HFRESH independent design brand was founded in 2017 with a beautiful and romantic style, exquisite and luxurious product control to define the design concept.New Aestheticism is an important drama for our personal brand,

HFRESH hopes to bring the simple and exquisite external style and the spirit that is not restrained into your life


The whole design is relatively simple and the capacity is very large. It is very suitable for daily life and work.


Special suitable for workplace installation