Don’t go all day trousers shirts! Self -confident men should be business and outdoor leisure


The pace of work in today’s era is getting faster and faster, and many people in the workplace are used to work arrangements such as “996”. The workplace men’s dressing is the same business style, and the matching of leather shoes, trousers, and shirts has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for decades.


Every day people travel between changing cities, facing many choices and increasingly unpredictable climate environment.



Brother Darcy

I will introduce a few clothing series that can be leisure outdoors outdoors.

1. Veiray series

Focusing on urban life models and habits, with its outdoor core technology and knowledge system, it brings minimalist urban functional choices.

The name of veilance is composed of three words,


Balance means recovery and reaction; Valence, that is, the ability to interact with other material; Veil, represents mystery.

Veilance, the males, define the future for the duty of the city with the pioneering spirit of freedom.


1. ARCTERYX (Amazing Bird) VeiLANCE Business Series Voronoi Pant Men’s

ARCTERYX CORE Technology Core Technology. The Veiray Business Series adheres to the design concept of ArctionX, combines functional, aesthetic and durability, continues the function of resisting the harsh environment, and can calmly cope with complex contemporary urban life. Constantly innovation on the basis of traditional design, sharing the innovative spirit and wisdom crystals with more business people.

Fabric: Elastic shuttering flat fabric, 94%nylon, 6%spandex.

Features: ergonomic design, close and flexible. Wind -proof and water -proof light -light elastic fabric. Fully -gel design with only 1.6mm sewing head.


2. Arc’teryx’s Ariter Bird Veiray series Node DOWN JACKET down jacket

This Node DOWN JACKET is a short winter down jacket with 3 layers of GORE-TEX waterproof fabrics on the outside. DOWN Contour Constructure combines the advantages of down and artificial cotton to make Node Down Jacket have excellent waterproof and warmth. The integrated spiral eclipse is the unique place of Node DOWN JACKET, which ensures the flexibility of the joints, and the shape ability of long -term wear and several times of washing. The split design of the cuffs, avant -garde style, outstanding texture, and can ensure that the wrist is sufficient without changing the sleeve length. Drophood Hat pockets adhering to the consistent style of the males, windproof, warmth, adjustable, and can be used with helmets. There are also many storage space for Node DOWN JACKET. The lower pockets are double -layer design, the outer layer is a pocket, the inside is packed, and the key can be placed. The inner layer is an oblique zipper side bag to better ensure the safety of the placed. The inner side of the jacket is provided with left and right symmetrical vertical zipper chest pockets, which can be placed.

Under minimalism, the stiff plastic design allows Node Down Jacket to have the capable temperament of urban elites.

3. Demlo SS Blouse Women ’s


Increased size lightweight ladies shirt, light and stylish, uses side seam design and open opening on the hem.


4. Arc’teryx’s Ariter Bird Veiray Business Line NEMIS men’s jacket

2. Urban Design series

Outdoor requires hardcore protection, and urban travel also needs to be guaranteed.

The Urban Design series of the road adopts Tief Guard three -proof technology, professional -grade windproof, waterproof, oil -proof, and provide comprehensive protection for outdoor and urban travel!


In terms of face value, it is not behind. Explosion outdoor fashion is ready to go.