Just a pair of stylish velvet pointed pointed and high heels, you can wear your exclusive elegant and charming temperament


Head lace -up high -heeled shoe sexy thin heel cross -binding single shoes

Stand -tie spiked fine heels, super beautiful styles on your feet! The upper foot is white, thin and long, and it is so simple to create the ideal slender foot! Intersection

Velvet pointed high -heeled shoe fine heel


Velvet pointed high -heeled shoes, OL professional commuting temperament women’s shoes, perfect lines, complete colors, celebrities are wearing it … it is an indispensable beautiful shoes for fashionable beauties!


Fine heels black gray light velvet pointed high heels


A very beautiful one is comfortable, unique on the top, sexy pointed pointed shoes ~ The upper foot is very gas quality ~ there are two options for the heels, 7cm and 9cm.

Bluster red velvet pointed pointed fine heel high heel

The goddess screams, whether it is going to work or dating, whether it is a skirt, jeans, or shorts, etc., how to match it.


Belt buckle pointed high heels, fine heels

The thin -tip shoes can give people aesthetics, fashionable and novelty, strong personality, delicate and delicate, and the toe sharply point forward, showing the graceful and luxurious temperament of women, and the elegant romance is also revealed.


Polymark fine heels, stylish shallow bow high heels

Pointed shoes can make women’s feet slender, bow their instep beautifully, allowing women to naturally straight their chests and close their abdomen, which can increase the temperament of women to a new realm and have infinite charm.

Velvet shallow mouth pointed high heels fine heels

The shoe body adopts scrub velvet design, noble and elegant, calm and concise, whether it is daily wear or office commuting, it is very suitable, very versatile and beautiful.

Fang buckle sharp -headed black high -heeled shoes fine heel


The very unique color, the fluff brown, the retro Feel is full ~~ with the small circle square buckle decoration with the upper, elegant and generous, full of temperament ~~