Together with the B station “Fun Play”, Wuling NANOEV opened blind order today, and the configuration is fully disclosed.


The variety show of Wuling and B Station, “Informal Conclusion”, will be premiered at 20:00 tonight at 20:00. Non -positive representatives will drive Couple CAR Wuling NANOEV to open a fun journey. At the same time, the new car officially opened the blind order to provide users with a good gift purchase gift. The new car configuration is announced. It provides two versions of playing music and love. pleasure.

The same Couple Car of “Informal Party”, Wuling is about to launch a customized model nanoEV with BRO Station

As the first cross -border cooperation brand of station B, Wuling and B Station have a lot of creative sparks, playing with young people from various aspects such as travel, life, and culture. The variety show “Informal Talks” of the two parties “Informal Conclusion” will be launched at 20:00 today. Through a series of fun game challenges and romantic bonfire party, the friends who led station B played a fun journey. Next, the NANOEV co -branded pain car and NANOEV model IP Youth Channel event, which are jointly created by the two parties, will bring more surprises to young people.

(Wuling NANOEV “Informal Party”)

The exclusive Couple CAR of non -positive representatives -Wuling NANOEV will also officially start blind order today. Before the listing, users will be 9.9 yuan on the official designated online channels of Ling Club App or Mini Program, Wuling Baojun Tmall and Jingdong Flagship Store. In order, you can enjoy the “Couple Traveling with 6 Heavy Essays” worth 4,888 yuan, including 24 -phase 0 interest, maximum subsidy 1500 yuan, and 2,000 yuan for the upgrade of green brand cars. ), 3 years of free road rescue (settlement according to actual rescue situation), Ling Club 500 Ling value (Rights Mall Redemption Gifts), and priority carriers, etc., allow generations to buy cars easily and travel freely!

(Wuling NANOEV Blind Policy)

Smart and comfortable and peaceful, “Couple Car” fun new partner

“Small figure, large capacity”. Wuling NANOEV body size 2497/1526/1616mm, with a 2.5 -meter small body and a 3.8 -meter turning radius to bring the ultimate flexible control experience. There are many ingenuity space to meet the diverse storage needs of young people; , Support home 220V three -plug power charging, you can also choose 6.6kW high -power charging machines. It can be fully used in 4.5 hours. It costs less than 6 cents per kilometer.

(Wuling NANOEV-comfortable and convenient)


Smart life, comfortable and extra. Wuling NANOEV is equipped with a 7 -inch high -definition color LCD combination instrument and a multi -function steering wheel. The design of the architecture of the archives brings BUFF blessing. , Intelligent patchwork, reservation charging, etc., allowing young people to enjoy a worry -free life.

(Wuling NANOEV-Smart Entertainment)


The main and passive safety configuration is comprehensive and thoughtful. Wuling NANOEV’s body “hard core” blessing, ultra -high -strong steel and high -strength steel ratio of more than 40%, equipped with battery heating and intelligent insulation functions, effectively solve the anxiety of winter battery life discounts; The rear reversing radar and tire pressure monitoring system, comprehensive and intimately protect driving safety. In addition, ESC body stability systems, EPB electronic handbrakes, and reverse images also provide more security guarantees.


(Wuling NANOEV-Security Protection)


Wuling NANOEV, which coexist with strength and strength, releases the fun and play vitality of station B. As the blind order is opened, I believe that this “Couple Car” will gain the favor of more young generations, and it is worth looking forward to!


Author: Wang Mingyou

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