Use a few models to use face wash soap recommendation


After I was sitting in the room and playing for a day, I finally realized that I could not waste time and waste my life. I must realize my promise to write to myself. So start writing film reviews

I can’t sleep after writing film reviews

What can I write about after thinking about it

After turning the Japanese-based book-

Once a bunch of topics, the rest of the facial cleanser’s sunscreen is to eat and eat.

I have n’t figured it out now, so I can write it.

I rarely have acne, even if I have a week after a week, it will disappear naturally.

The dark circles were died up late, and could not be handled in the short term.

Sun protection is only important to realize this year, so it is not experienced enough if you write

After arranging, you can talk about your face. I did n’t have to wash the facial cleanser at the age of 20, do I say that it ’s sent to the 20 -year -old facial cleanser … I went shopping with Yuanbao at that time. I think it is incredible to plug in my arms. As a result, she said that one in the morning, one in the evening, washed quickly.

好好用 几款好用洗脸皂推荐

At that time, I was washed with a good mood in the morning, and I washed out if I was in a bad mood.

The bottom of the father and mother gave good problems, and there was no obvious problem.

But the problem is that maintenance is not immediate, but it is impossible to maintain a good condition.

As the result of not taking face washing seriously, big oil fields+blackheads+various spots+skin tone dark yellow

Later I started to treat my face seriously

Two facial cleanser, one in the morning, requires gentleness, will not wake up too dirty anyway. No need to emphasize the effect. One night, pay attention to function, emphasize cleaning.

Later, slowly started using cleansing soap

I found it in half a year!

Cleansing soap! Intersection Intersection Intersection It’s so easy to use! Intersection Intersection Intersection And in the long run, it is cheaper than the good facial cleanser! Intersection Intersection Intersection

All right! Intersection Intersection The long nonsense is over, and now I started to enter the topic

Let’s talk about soap! Intersection Intersection Intersection

Because only three pieces of soap have been used

So there are only three pieces of soap in this article


No 1

ERNO LASZLO/Ollennin Sea Mud calls on skin cleansing soap 150g of black soap Dead Sea Mine soap

This soap is really! It’s so beautiful!

I bought it at its stunning face then!

It’s so beautiful

Cold and low -key, implying style

The box is a soap box. The design is great


好好用 几款好用洗脸皂推荐

nice! Super beautiful! Extremely beautiful

Strong cleaning power, mild and not exciting

For a long time, the official said that it can be used for nine months

I don’t know if I’m too lazy, anyway, I used it for half a year, and the size is not much small

You can wash at least one year

Quickly dry! This is also the most amazing place for this soap. Almost you finish your face, just put it away with soap. Don’t worry about the soap from being wet.



Tmall flagship store is 330 pieces. It is similar to converting the facial cleanser. In parenting, good facial cleanser, such as Sitap, the price is so much when using four bottles a year. Brackets

Doing this is a problem that soap cannot solve

It’s hard to buy. It seems that the flagship store comments are different from the counter chief. There are counters in Hong Kong.

好好用 几款好用洗脸皂推荐

NO 2 dhc olive honey nourishing soap

Initially, the small soap that was carried out was used

I have never seen the world, I think this is the best cleansing soap in the world

Later, after seeing the black soap, I changed my vision

But it’s really a great soap

Washing super clean

The foam is also delicate enough

The feel is super good

The price is not particularly expensive, and the price of the facial cleanser of the same effect is the same

Famous doors are guaranteed

DHC’s entire handmade soap series is done well, you can try

Mild, price -friendly, 90 yuan can be washed for at least three months

No soap box …

NO 3 sulfulus soap

This sterilization is really easy to use

The last time I saw the paragraph, saying that the boy of the adolescence was a weapon, and sulfur soap

At that time, the most important thing was rumored to be sterilized. The effect of sulfur soap was sterilization, so sulfur soap should be used.

In fact, sterilization is true, but it is definitely fake for the treatment of acne. My cousin and my cousin are alive examples. They proved to me by youth and years that sulfur soap can not remove acne

However, it is easy to deal with the wound and the relief of inflammation symptoms




I hurt my hands for a long time, I can’t use it old

Emma ~~~ I am sleepy into a dog ~~~ I won’t write ~~~

Sleep ~~ Good night! Intersection Intersection worldwide! Intersection Intersection