How to choose a must -have gas cylinder when you go out? Beto to help you


I believe that everyone has had an encounter on cycling, and Xiaobian is also a perennial victim who burst out of the tire, manually covering his face. Therefore, today I will talk to you about the solution of the half -road tire -portable air cylinder. When you first first touched the bicycle and bought the first car, you usually send a portable air cylinder with the car. This kind of gas tube that needs to be introduced than the entry -level level. Hands are too tired, and the tires are pinched with your hands.


Today’s protagonist is the portable air cylinder of the “gas tube expert” BETO. It has the most basic high -pressure pneumatic characteristics that should have the most basic and basic high -pressure pheasant. It can be said that it will change the stereotyped impression of the portable pump slowly and not to hit the high pressure; tell everyone with its strength that the portable cylinder is more than that.

1. CRH-015P

Positioned as a super portable entry product, made from plastic as the main body, small weight and light weight (90g), 18cm length can be easily installed in the place where the bicycle is not hindered. It is not shaken at all, it can be described as durable; the maximum can hit the 80PSI air pressure, and it is suitable for the mouth and the beautiful mouth. After reading the above parameters, you can summarize that this pipe is very friendly for short -to -medium -range cycling. It can be said that it has a layer of insurance for the short -distance cycling that will not easily explode.

At the same time, there are four types of colors, namely red, green, blue, and gray, which can better integrate the overall style of the body.

Price: 29 yuan



It is also made by plastic, and it is not hesitant in terms of performance changes. Compared to CRH-015P, this one is added to the dial. When you are cheering, you don’t need to perceive the progress of the inflatable by pinching the tires. At a glance, it is clear at a glance; The increase of the maximum air pressure is that the cheering will be easier and more efficient; the air mouth is upgraded to a double -hole gas mouth, which eliminates the steps to disassemble and convert the air mouth. It will be easier to use.

Price: 58 yuan



This upgrade is mainly the upgrade of applicability, and the pheasant experience is more humane:


The first is to upgrade to the three -purpose air mouth, while supporting Yingzui, Meizui and Fazui;

Then, the foldable T -shaped grip is added to make it more comfortable and more efficient when cheering;

The maximum support for the air pressure is 120PSI, with a pneumatic meter at the same time.

Price: 68 yuan



The upgrade of this pheasant can be described as a pneumatic experience on the vertical pump. It can be said that it is a portable vertical pump. The pressure gauge can be changed to 90 degrees, which can provide convenient storage; a 13 -inch hose can be rotated arbitrarily without restrictions; the air pressure supports 120PSI; the fH mouth supports the mouth and the faste.

This gas cylinder can be said that it can bring a good experience for some small teams to ride. After all, the design of the vertical pumps is more in line with the human body to cheer the force. There are many people on the road, which can make the tirers return to the car faster to go to the car. It is a more important thing.

Price: 98 yuan


I think this one more inclined to CLD-038G upgrades. After upgrading, the length of the cylinder has reached 26cm, and the patent-foldable T-shaped grip is added. It can be said that in order It is already a height.


Parameters: This patent pipe can support the maximum 120PSI pneumatic air pressure; patented EZ double -headed air mouth, through the method of inflatable two ends, can support the mouth and Fazui at the same time. The texture is only 90g.

Unfortunately, this air tube has no dial, which may be compromised for the consideration of appearance or cost.


Price: 108 yuan

First of all, the design of no wrench -free breath can be operated with one hand; the patented patented TH two -headed air mouth is supported by the gas mouth, which supports the mouth and the French mouth; The inch telescopic hose, this advantage is that when inflating, it can separate the cylinder from the air tube, so that it can cheer up in a more comfortable way.


Provide three colors, namely black, red, and blue.

Price: 118 yuan


A relatively portable pheasant, this is my first impression of this phee.

It is processed by all aluminum alloy CNC and is not so small; the pop -up folding gas pressure meter and pedal are used, and the grip is a shrinkable T -shaped grip, so that the design can effectively shrink the volume; use the hose to use the hose; +TH two -headed air -mouth combination can cheer the Fazui and Meizui; the highest pressure supports 120PSI;

The weight of 215G and the 30cm long cylinder, which is indeed a not so portable portable air tube, but the performance improvement brought by the sacrifice of portability is definitely a bar. It is particularly suitable for people with more people. If there are fewer people in the cycling team, you may wish to look at the more portable air cylinder above. After all, if there are few people, the portability will be more important.

Price: 148 yuan


Which is more important in the portable and pneumatic experience? All kinds of air tube provided us with the answer one by one, but this gas cylinder, it wants all.

The cylinder is an innovative telescope concept retractable cylinder. You can choose to convert high pressure/high -gas restart mode; patented air pressure gauge and pedal base can be folded at 90 degrees; The design of the hand; the hose can be intake at any angle, not limited; the gas mouth uses the FH double -headed air mouth, which can fill the mouth and the faste.

To this end, this innovative air tube has won many awards: the 2013 German Red Dot Award, 2012 Excellent Design of Japan and the 2013 Taipei International Bicycle Design Award.

We call it: retractable up/carrying conversion pump.

Generally speaking, the price of BETO portable pheasant is not very high. It is generally at the price of 100 yuan. The product line is really great. There are so many products in the price of 100 yuan. As a “pomo -pomobe expert”, Beto’s product performance is impeccable at the same price. From this perspective, BETO is not only an “gas tube expert”, but also a “price butcher”.


Regarding the purchase channel of “Bargaining Expert” BETO, Beto is a general agent of the US riding trade. “Bicycle Street” is a channel business platform that integrates wholesale, collection, and agency sales launched by the Meiqi Trade in recent years. Essence Therefore, if you want to know more about Beto, go to the “Bicycle Street” to stroll around.