Gentleman rabbit pattern female cashmere base top, too cute, attached text tutorial


This dress is for a long time for Taobao. The cute gentleman rabbit has some playful and sweet, without ready -made illustrations, and embroidered according to the finished map.

Line: Fumei Cashmere 26/2S 2 Anti -Green 5 Two, a little white coffee brown

Elastic wire is the same as the bottom thread


Size size: clothing length: 65cm bust: 88cm sleeve length 58cm


Use needle: No. 14 Circle knitting bottom thread and neckline No. 13 ring needle woven body and sleeve


Hook needle suture


Weaving method: suture after weaving


Forestral: 142 stitches on a single thread, 40 lines of the bottom woven, and replaced the No. 13 weaving needle. After 20 lines of the flat needle, weaving the flower patterns, the waist of the waist is closed on the side of 2, the 70 lines start and start 10-1-5, and then press the needle 10-1-5. After weaving enough length, open it. Receive the needle under the armpit. 2-6-1 2-3-1 2-2-1 2-1-3 Open 18 lines after hanging, digging the round neck. Leave 30 stitches on the shoulder and return in 3 times. The round neck 2 side method 2-4-1 2-3-2 2-2-3 2-1-4 4-1-2.

Rear film: The needle is the same as the front film. From the 14th, the single thread 162 stitches, the bottom thread 40 lines are changed to No. 13 weaving, the waist pins are also 10-1-5, the needle is also 10-1-5, the underarms are closed, 2-6- 1 2-3-1 2-2-1 2-1-3 After opening, weave 76 lines and collect the nests, 2-3-1, 2-1-2, leave 30 stitches on the shoulders and divide it 3 times Essence

Sleeve: From the 14th, a single thread is 78 stitches. After weaving 20 lines, the 13th needle is changed, and the needle is 10-1-16. Sleeve mountain collection method: 2-6-1 2-3-1 2-1 2-1-8 4-1-3 2-2-2-2 2-3-1 2-4-1

Bows: 50 stitches from the 13th, weave enough length to suture into double layers. In addition, 5 stitches, weave a small section of sutures in the middle of the bow.


Rabbit beard: Use a white thread hook needle to hook the braid on the front, draw a good direction first, and shine.

Collar: After the front and rear sutures are sutured, the 14th needle is woven 1 row of stitches and 1 rows of the needle, 3 lines, 1 row of rows, 3 lines, subgroups and sewing double -level collar, and then on the middle of the middle knitting Pick 6 lines of the lower needle, end the end, and roll it naturally.