The annual sales volume exceeds 10,000 units! Zhonglian Heavy Section Construction Lifts breaks the record of recording show


“Shipment of 10,000 construction lifting machines in 2021!” On December 21, the delivery order of Tang Shaofang, vice president of Zhonglian Heavy Section and general manager of the construction of the construction of the machinery branch The official break of 10,000 units, creating a record high in the industry, fully demonstrating the market appeal and customer recognition of Zhonglian Heavy Section in the field of construction lifts.


For a long time, the sales and market share in the field of Tower -type cranes have long stabilized in the world for a long time. In recent years, Zhonglian Heavy Section has made comprehensive efforts in the field of construction lifts, and investment in product research and development, manufacturing, and market layout has been increasing, and sales have also risen. First.

Zhonglian Heavy Section is capable of stabilizing the market sales in the field of construction lift machines, thanks to the leading advantages of technology and the extraordinary quality of products. Zhonglian Heavy Section inherits the innovative genes of Changsha Construction Institute, adheres to “technology -based, product -oriented”, creating craftsmanship with ingenuity, and launching a new new aspect of “energy saving, safety, intelligence, and humanization” One-generation construction lifting machine boutique-SC200/200EB-A (4S2050).

Zhonglian Heavy Section SC200/200EB-A (4S2050) Construction lifting machine reducer efficiency is as high as 95%, and the service life can be as long as 10 years. It only needs to be replaced once; the efficiency of high-efficiency frequency conversion motors has increased from 86%to 90%; brakers The structure is upgraded to a magnetic module, the failure rate is reduced by 80%, and the motor brake pads only need to be replaced once. Applications of zero -speed suspension technology, antihypertensive and anti -slip technology can ensure the safety of personnel to the greatest extent; as well as multiple safety configurations such as the brake dual contact control, the main contactor anti -adhesion design, and the air switch to ensure the equipment Use safely. In addition, the product also applies the fault self -diagnosis technology of intelligent controller, which can achieve more than a hundred types of fault self -diagnosis. Maintenance personnel can accurately find out and solve the problem through intelligent voice broadcasting and QR code query, and improve maintenance efficiency.

“SC200/200EB-A (4S2050) has achieved performance and cost. It is a real money-making weapon. The product manager of the construction lift of Zhonglian Heavy Section said, “Once this product is listed, it has been well received by customers, and product sales are blowing.”

In recent years, Zoomlion has accelerated intelligence, digital, and green transformation and upgrading. The global leading lift smart factories have been created, which has strongly promoted the improvement of product quality control capabilities and product delivery capabilities of construction lifts. It is understood that the Intelligent Factory of Zhonglian Heavy Holy Hall has the industry’s leading standard welding black light production line, as well as the international top -level detection platform and equipment. Through intelligent advanced technologies, the production process is fully upgraded. Every 72 minutes every 72 minutes You can go offline with a construction lift, production efficiency and production scale far ahead of the industry, and have extremely high quality.

Be glorious and pursue the ultimate. Based on the smart production line, Zhonglian Heavy Section gathers the highest quality and the world’s largest construction lifting machine supporting industry chain, and continuously produces high -quality products for the construction lifting machine customers, and continuously creates greater value. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to promote the intelligent, digital, and greenization of construction lift products, and continue to lead the industry’s high -quality development.

Correspondent Li Jiayu Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Haijun

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