Apply color to the ultimate high -heeled shoe brand Sophia Webster, each shoe is very eye -catching


Before introducing today’s protagonist, let’s talk about the use of colors. If a pair of shoes are very eye -catching in color, the attractiveness of the surroundings is here. Most of the design is mainly low -key colors. The luxury high heels to be said today

Sophia Webster is back with the traditional design standards. It is best at creating shoes with exaggerated color comparison, making the shoes the most eye -catching existence in the whole body dress. Let’s take a look!

Sophia Welberg is a designer born in the UK

把色彩运用到极致的高跟鞋品牌SOPHIA WEBSTER,每一款鞋都很亮眼

Sophia Webster has the same name brand. The designer had previously worked at the Nicholas Kirkwood brand company, and also practiced a very delicate shoe design method and fashion sense. It is not difficult to find from its shoe products that designers are pursuing exaggerated color contrast and colorful combination, so the shoe products designed are also full of strong personality and brand characteristics.

把色彩运用到极致的高跟鞋品牌SOPHIA WEBSTER,每一款鞋都很亮眼


Sophia Webster’s bag products may also inherit the color matching techniques of shoes. The design of the gradient metallic metallic sense makes the bag appear unique. You can see it different from your hand.

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Sophia Webster’s high heels, these pairs of unacceptable shoes are compiled in the whole body, and there are many fruit patterns on it. Different colors are insightful. Aesthetics. It is just that it is really not suitable for ordinary people to wear choices every day, and if let us wear it, how to match is a problem, but it is pretty good to let the stars wear to create a stage effect.

Furthermore, the black and white gems are combined. When the designer himself described this series of new products, I said: I completed the capsule bags of capsules made of recyclable materials last year because I think the fashion industry is more more more We should pay attention to saving and environmental protection. From the perspective of the designer’s concept, her new products are used to use the extra materials in the previous works, and then inlaid the particularly dazzling crystal sequins to the fabrics of the shoe, so that the senses give people a luxurious experience. The same shoes are also matched with each other, and the overall style is simple and eye -catching.

The first few models are more eye -catching in design concepts and styles. Next, we mainly look at the color matching styles. First of all, the rough heels that blend with regular geometric graphics will give you a refreshing feeling. The 3 cm high waterproof platform and 9 cm thick heels make the shoes a bit bulky, but the bright colors make it a little more color more. Light, I have to say

Sophia Webr’s design skills are extremely high!

In addition, this pair of black and white design of the same black and white design is not as light as light -colored, but it does not want to create that feeling. This pair of shoes with black and white lattice is simply a perfect match. It is like a one. The whole set of customized wearing collection is the same.

把色彩运用到极致的高跟鞋品牌SOPHIA WEBSTER,每一款鞋都很亮眼

In addition to the combination of color combination,

Sophia Webster also has a “higher” design. This pair of silver glittering waterproof platform high heels are an example. 12.5 cm ultra -high heels and 3.5 cm waterproof platforms seem difficult to control. Needless to say, everyone can think that this is definitely not the shoes that can be worn daily, so this kind of shoes can be seen.


Sophia Webster also has a fine high heel, but its fine high heels do not have much gap compared with ordinary high -heeled sandals, and it looks basically the same. This is also because high -heeled shoes are close to the classic models. It is not easy to discover the new design from it.

Sophia Webr’s gem model

把色彩运用到极致的高跟鞋品牌SOPHIA WEBSTER,每一款鞋都很亮眼

High -heeled sandals were worn by actress Anna Sawai in speed and passion 9. This shoe is

把色彩运用到极致的高跟鞋品牌SOPHIA WEBSTER,每一款鞋都很亮眼

The gemn sandals of the Rosalind Gem series belong to the same style as the pairs of shared on it, but there is a double band than those pairs. The relative number of gems has also increased and brighter.

把色彩运用到极致的高跟鞋品牌SOPHIA WEBSTER,每一款鞋都很亮眼


把色彩运用到极致的高跟鞋品牌SOPHIA WEBSTER,每一款鞋都很亮眼

Sophia Webster’s new shoes will be shared. A high heels that win other brands of high heels still have a lot of remarkable places. Don’t forget to pay attention, more good -looking and continuous sharing ~