Winter warmth still has to rely on jackets. This “5 long jackets” must


What exactly is wearing in autumn and winter is a question that many girls are thinking. In fact, at this stage, there are many directions in the match. You can put your eyes longer and try more fashionable items with good warmth.

Not necessarily every autumn and winter seasons, wearing heavy lamb hair jackets, or down jackets on bad streets. The following five long coats can be used for you to choose from. Let’s see which one is!


1. Mao woolen coat, sharp temperament


The fashion wearing in autumn and winter is relatively heavy. The most common problems in the matching are that they look bloated. You can choose a woolen coat to create your own fashion style. The reason why woolen coat looks more than other items. Fashion is thin.

It is because the overall volume is not strong, and the vertical degree is better, but it will also look texture. The fabric design is enough to have an advantage. If it is mainly based on a dark coat, the thin effect is ordinary long effect. Doubles of coats.


2. Long down jacket, comfortable and warm -keeping effect


In the cold winter, it is more suitable for choosing long down jackets. The length of the down jacket has advantages. The warmth effect will double. If the short down jacket is the main, the warmth effect is not necessarily ideal, but it will have a fat side effect.

The fat effect of long down jackets is not obvious, because the overall length of this down jacket will extend the proportion of the figure, and it can be visually lean and thin. Wearing it, it is more layered, and the matching will look more fashionable.

3. Long classic trench coat, classic unique personality and personality

You can try a long windbreaker jacket in autumn and winter. This style is comfortable and casual, which can create a lazy fashion temperament, allowing the whole person to match the style, showing the highest level. direction.


The first is the daily casual style, followed by a typical business style. There are different directions between each other, and there is a big gap between the combined items. The daily style can be matched with a bottom shirt or a small foot pants, but the workplace style requires the workplace style. It requires the need for workplace style. It needs to be in the workplace style. It requires the workplace style. With shirts and wide -leg pants, I hope everyone should pay attention to this detail when matching.

4. Teddy bear coat, shaping fashion street style


In the past two years, the fashion circle is more popular with long teddy bear coats. This coat style looks different, which can make people’s images more personality and aura. Show the fashion street style.

This kind of single -grade fabric is relatively heavy, and the effect of keeping warm is also a must, but you do n’t need to worry. It will not make the style too ordinary through the teddy bear coat. Instead, it helps us to present a stronger sense of fashion. Powerful matching style.

5. Long mink coat to create noble fashion temperament


In addition to common woolen coats, everyone can also try mink coats, but this coat style looks more exaggerated and not too daily, but this can shape the aristocratic temperament.


Make girls’ images more aura, and it is very suitable for unconfident girls to enhance their sense of fashion for themselves. It is recommended that the fairies are full of black, and the tall figures are mainly light -colored, so that the matching can achieve long -term avoidance.

Autumn and winter still wear long jackets. These 5 items are practical and warm, and interpret a sense of fashion. Which one do you like best?


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