If you are a telecommunications user, then carefully consider Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G


Samsung Galaxy Note10 in the second half of this year has a larger Note10+option for the first time, and the Note10+launched in the domestic market is directly on the 5G network version, making this version more attractive in the Samsung Note series mobile phones. But you can pay special attention to telecommunications users. It does not support the 2G/3G CDMA network.

如果你是电信用户,那要慎重考虑三星Galaxy Note10+ 5G

This is actually not new news, because when passed the Galaxy Note10+ 5G in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is clear that it does not support the telecommunications 2G/3G CDMA network, but as the State Bank is ready to open this week, some users (I also see it also see Weibo@微) When I wanted to see the real specifications in the end, I realized that this problem existed, and reminded telecommunications users to consider carefully, because although Telecom started to implement the same TD-LTE+FDD- LTE hybrid networks, but currently not all places cover the signal, which causes Note10+to fall to the 2G/3G CDMA network, that is, there is no network signal at all.

如果你是电信用户,那要慎重考虑三星Galaxy Note10+ 5G

At present, whether it is Samsung or Telecom, there is no official official public explanation of the Note10+ 5G why it does not support the 2G/3G CDMA network, only KOL@目前 目前 目前 目前 said on Weibo that this is because the telecommunications are not allowed to allow Samsung mobile phones to be again again Continue to support the old network, because CDMA is already a backward network. It is recommended that users use Telecom VOLTE technology, and in Samsung’s recent mobile phone system update, the Volte function of the telecommunications has been set to the default. , Just give you a reference.

In fact, in the Galaxy Note10+hardware, it supports Telecom 2G/3G CDMA network, because in addition to the X50 of the 5G network of Qualcomm, it also retains the X24 supported by the entire Netcom network. OPPO RENO 5G has a 2G/3G CDMA network. As for Note10+ 5G’s own brother model Note10, it supports the complete telecommunications network, so it is really unclear what medicine to sell in Samsung and Telecom, but if you use a telecommunications card If you, you really need to consider this 5G mobile phone with a pen.