Hyuna’s engagement ring is exposed, netizens: ugly and cheap! Designer: Actually it is expensive


On February 3rd, the first person in Korean Aidou SOLO and her boyfriend Dawn (Jin Xiaozhong) both announced the engagement good news on INS and exposed them together. There were two engagement rings of the two.

Jin Xiaozhong: Merry Me, shouted so straightforwardly

Different from the combination of diamond+platinum in general engagement rings,

Hyuna’s engagement ring is the design of large European+color broken diamond+platinum, which is quite chic.

In the exposed video and pictures, we see that the two rings are almost the same and are installed in the boxes of pink and royal blue. At first glance, there are indeed “special”, unlike the engagement ring, but like a fashionable shape jewelry with playing.

泫雅订婚戒指曝光,网友:又丑又廉价!设计师:其实很贵 情义无价

The temperament of the ring is enthusiastic and exaggerated.

Some netizens spit out the rings too ugly and look cheap. To this end, the designer of the ring brand Diligems specially posted on INS to introduce the birth process and production process of the ring.

Diligems first states that this ring is the brand’s most famous “Fantasy Couple” appointed format for South Korea, which reflects the deep love between Hyuna and Jin Xiaozhong. The ring is only one pair, unique, and the brand will not sell the same model.

The map sent by the brand, the ring is very resistant to the ring

泫雅订婚戒指曝光,网友:又丑又廉价!设计师:其实很贵 情义无价

Secondly, Diligems revealed that the traditional diamonds were not selected, which was Jin Xiaozhong’s creativity, because Opal was the favorite gem of Hyuna. The designer also believes that the magnificent and fantastic beauty of Opal is consistent with the style of Jiaodet.

泫雅订婚戒指曝光,网友:又丑又廉价!设计师:其实很贵 情义无价

For this pair of rings, Jin Xiaozhong had communicated with the designer for more than a month before reaching an agreement. Both Opal’s main stone weighs more than 5 carats, from Australia; 7 colored broken diamonds are inlaid around the main stone; the precepts are platinum.

泫雅订婚戒指曝光,网友:又丑又廉价!设计师:其实很贵 情义无价

Opal in Australia, is it expensive?

Diligems said that 2 Ou Po and 14 diamonds were repeatedly selected by Jin Xiaozhong and were finally determined.

The precepts are also very special. The request of the entrusted person should be smooth. The inner circle is smooth and round, and the outer ring shows irregular streamlined lines according to the shape of Opal and Diamond. During the production process, the shape of the precepts had encountered great technical difficulties, but it was finally overcome and perfectly presented.

The lines of the abstinence are beautiful

For the remarks of Opal and broken diamonds,

Diligems said that the high -quality Oper has a variety of stunning colors, and the price is not cheap. Hyuna’s engagement ring, design cost+gem cost+labor consumption, the total price is enough to pay the rent in Seoul for one year.

泫雅订婚戒指曝光,网友:又丑又廉价!设计师:其实很贵 情义无价

In fact, although Opal is a niche gemstone, the style is very coordinated with Ya Ya. Netizens also left messages under the designer’s ins, expressing their support.

In 2017, Hyuna and Jin Xiaozhong performed activities as members of the mixing combination Triple H. The second year was publicly in love, but the brokerage company CUBE was fired. Later, both of them signed a contract with P National, and then carried out performing arts activities in the form of solo singers and two. Along the way, there have been six or seven years.

Shop your face with the brokerage company for romance

泫雅订婚戒指曝光,网友:又丑又廉价!设计师:其实很贵 情义无价

From the unknown little strokes abandoned by the brokerage company to the fantasy couples who lead the fashion of Korea, I wish Hyuna and Jin Xiaozhong who can always be happy!

Moreover, this colorful and childish ring with a bit of DRAMA tone is really worthy of Hyuna!

泫雅订婚戒指曝光,网友:又丑又廉价!设计师:其实很贵 情义无价

Colorful Hyuna, colorful Obo