Hand -tear chicken, stick chicken, rattan pepper chicken, chicken cooker commercial manufacturing technology secret recipe, only this one


1. Tear three yellow chicken hands

When making a hand -to -three yellow chicken, the three yellow chickens are cooked and cooling down. First, tear the chicken skin and cut it into thick silk, and then tear the chicken into shreds with their hands. When loading the plate, put the chicken bone in the bottom of the chicken, put the chicken shreds and chicken skin in order, and put it on the table with the dry dish (Note 1).

From this point of view, the key to making a hand -tear three yellow chicken is to prepare a pot of brine. Here’s the relevant knowledge of this kind of brinem system, use, and custody to everyone.

1. Modification of brine

raw material:

老母鸡1只,广东梅州盐焗鸡配料100 g,黄姜粉100 g,料酒100 g,鸡精100 g,味精80 g,胡椒粉10 g,乙基麦芽酚10 g,鲜汤15 kg,大蒜、 Onions, coriander, ginger, green pepper, red pepper, celery, 50 g each, a moderate amount of refined salt, mixed oil (Note 2) 1000 g.


1. After the old hens drifted with water with water, put it in the boiling water pot and rinsed it and washed it.

2. Take a small stainless steel barrel and put it in fresh soup. Ginger, garlic, green onions, green peppers, red peppers, coriander, celery and old hens, add salted chicken, ginger powder, refined salt, pepper, chicken essence, cooking wine, B, B, B The Kimai sprouts and MSG eat the delicious taste, and then add the eight -flavored mixed oil to boil. Then change the low heat for about 30 minutes. Remove the hen and remove the residue, which will get three yellow chicken brine.

Second, the use and storage of brine

1. Each time the three yellow chicken is made, the right amount of seasoning and small materials should be added. The amount of dosage is: the seasonings that need to be added every 3 chickens are: 60 g of salted chicken powder, ethyl maltol 2 g, chicken essence 20 g, refined salt 10 g, and appropriate amount of ginger powder; small amount of materials: garlic, green onions, ginger ginger 50 g each. The three yellow chickens should be drifted with blood first, then use boiling water and then put into the halogen. After the medium heat boils the brine, change the low fire for 10 minutes.

2. After each braised chicken, the small ingredients in the brine should be used, and then stored in a ventilated place. Every night, brine should be burn to prevent deterioration. If the brine foam is found, it means that there is a problem with brine and should be dealt with in time. The method of remedy is to burn the brine and add 30 g of edible alkali to remove the acidity. If this method cannot be removed, it is necessary to re -make brine.

3. Salt chicken contains a variety of spices, so it is not appropriate to add spices such as octagonal, cinnamon, grass fruit, etc. to make this brine; if these spices are added, it will cause the skin color of the three yellow chickens. In addition, if you find that there are too little fat in the brine, you can also add the eight -flavored hybrid oil as appropriate.

(Note 1) Dry disc:

After the dried chili pepper low the oil temperature, fry the oil, remove it and let it cool, then use the mixer to make the pepper powder, and then add the refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar powder, peppercorns, etc.

(Note 2) Eight flavors mixed oil system:

Onions, carrots, coriander, garlic, red pepper, ginger, onion, celery each 100 g each, cooked chicken oil 200 g, and 5 000 g.

After the clean pot is on fire, after the coloring oil and cooked chicken oil are burned, put various vegetable raw materials, and fry it slowly until the water is fast.

Second, Leshan stick chicken

Banging chicken, also known as “Leshan Stick Chicken”, “Jiading Bangs Chicken”. This dish is originally in Hanyang dam in Leshan. Takes a good variety of Hanyang chicken. In the history of Chinese cooking, the famous “white preserved” hit by a wooden stick was found in Jia Siyi’s “Qi Min Yao Shu”. But the purpose of its great fight is to make the meat firm. When making a stick chicken, the stick is used to loosen the muscles of the chicken, making the seasoning easy to taste, and chewing effort when eating.

Boiled chicken red oil boil

600 grams of pure pepper powder, 80 grams of peppercorns, 200 grams of Douxian Douban sauce, 150 grams of fish fragrance, 20 catties of refined peanut oil, 100 grams of green onions, 100 grams of old ginger, 150 grams of onion, 150 grams of tomato salads, dwarfs, besmina 20 grams, 100 grams of carrots, 40 grams of coriander root, 500 grams of tempeh, cooked sesame (sesame seeds need to be fry).


1. Machining the second -level and dried pepper: Soak 2 pounds of dried dried chili with water for 24 hours. Use a blender to crush (not too broken), drain the water, and need to use it;

2. Cut the Douxian Douban Sauce and Sea Pepper into the pelvis, put it in the pot, and pour it into the stranded pepper skin, washed the purple grass; green onion, ginger (cotton pine); , Coriander root, wash and clean water.

3. Fire in the wok, add 20 catties of peanut oil, and boil to three mature, add green onions, ginger, coriander root, spices, boil to 50 % of the heat with medium and small heat, boil for 20 minutes in low heat, and fry it for the ingredients. When the golden yellow and fragrance are fully dissolved into the oil, remove the ingredients with a colander; the oil will get angry again. , Douban sauce, tempeh, pepper, purple grass and onions, carrots, coriander roots, constantly stirring in the same direction, boiled in low heat for about 25 minutes, wait for the oil in the pot to be rosy, when the flavor is strong Put the red oil into the stainless steel mount, and put it into the cooked sesame seeds.


Bangbang chicken production process

Cooked chicken two or five dollars, powder skin (or cucumber, lettuce shredded) eight or two.


Sesame Sauce One or two, soy sauce four money, three money vinegar, salt one money, white sugar two dollars, MSG one money, one -money onion, red oil (spicy oil) six dollars and eight points, sesame oil (sesame oil) two money, cold chicken soup, six dollars Essence

Operation method 1:

1. Cut the powder skin into fingers, pick up the boiling water pot, use cold boiling water to cool, drain the water, and then mix with a little sesame oil and put it in the pot. , Put it on the noodles for use.

2. After the sesame sauce is adjusted with cold chicken soup, add soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, MSG tune, and then add red oil. The onion flowers are adjusted into the material. Features: sour, sweet, spicy, fragrant.

Operation method 2:

1. Boil wings and legs with ropes;

2. Use bamboo needles to tie your eyes with a thick part of the meat.

3. Take the preserved meat and legs. Use a wooden stick to light it, and then tear it into a chicken shredded plate.

Operation method three:

1. Shred onion and the bottom of the pad. Put chili oil, sesame sauce, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, sugar, and cooking wine to make sauce.

2. Put the tender chicken leg meat and chicken milk into the soup pot, add cooking wine and refined salt, cook for about 10 minutes, remove it when the meat is cooked, and cool the water. 3. Use a small wooden stick to light the chicken to loosen the meat, tear the chicken into shreds, put it on the onion shred in the plate, and pour the sauce on the shredded chicken.

Operation practice 4:

【Main ingredients】:

1 rooster (about 750 grams is advisable).


10 grams of sesame oil, 15 grams of pepper oil, 5 grams of sesame, 5 grams of monosodium glutamate, 15 grams of sugar, 50 grams of soy sauce, 10 grams of hemp sauce, 15 grams of green onion, 1 gram of pepper powder.


(1) Open the chicken that slaughters the hair, remove the internal organs, heads, claws, and chicken as dwellings. After rinse, pull the fluffy hair, add the boiling water pot for 15 minutes, add some cold water and cook for 15 minutes until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used for the root bamboo until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used for the root bamboo until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used for the root bamboo until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used for the root bamboo until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used for the root bamboo until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used until the root bamboo is used, it is used to use the root bamboo until the root bamboo is used. If the chopsticks are pulled out of the leg, if there is no bleeding, it indicates that the chicken is cooked (otherwise it will be cooked again). Then remove the bubbles with cold water, take it out after cooling, remove the peeling water, and apply some sesame oil (2) to cut the shallots. Sesame fried crisp, pressed into coarse powder, plus the remaining various seasonings into juice, and put into the bowl for later use. After the chicken legs, breasts, and bones are tilted, use a wooden stick to soft, and tear it into a meat strip. Just dip it in juice.

Stick chicken flavor sauce (15 copies of dishes)

50 grams of sesame sauce and white vinegar, 100 grams of raw soy sauce, 30 grams of red oil, 5 grams of green onion, 15 grams of monosodium glutamate, 20 grams each of fine salt and small sequy oil, 10 grams each of peppercorns and sugar.

After mixing the above seasonings into the dishes, you can properly mix it in water if the taste is overweight. After mixing it, pour it into the cold dish or mix into the belly and chicken shreds.

Third, rattan pepper chicken

1. The choice of raw materials

1. The breeding cycle of chickens is best for more than 120 days;

2. It is advisable to control the weight of the white bar between 2.0 and 2.8 catties;


3. In terms of chicken varieties, you can choose Lingshan Tuchi, or you can choose ordinary two yellow chickens; you can only use the cock, which looks better;

4. You can also choose chickens of other varieties, which require the breeding cycle and weight to meet the requirements.

2. Rough processing


1. Wash it after thawing to ensure that the raw materials have no sand. No lungs. No trachea. No food pipe. Oil -free.

2. Give chicken shape in accordance with regulations;

3. Cooking process

1. Put an appropriate amount of water in the brine pot, add 2 pounds of ginger, 3 catties of salt and then boil the water; put 1 catties of green onion after the water is boiled;

2. Put the chickens in the pot at 50-55 standards per pot. After boiling, use low heat to cook for 45 to 50 minutes;

3. Flip the cooking process every 15 minutes, check the fire when turning the chicken, and adjust the size of the steam;

4. In 40 minutes, use a bamboo stick to insert the chicken leg to check. If there is no blood water coming out, the pot can be cooked.

5. Prepare cold water before the pan, put the chicken in the cold water and cool it quickly to ensure that the chicken is cold throughout the body;

6. After the cold, the chicken is installed with a sieve (the butt is down) dripping the water and the frozen library refrigerates;

4. The cooking of rattan pepper chicken soup

1. Boil the original soup according to the proportion of 15 pounds of chicken racks per 100 pounds of soup. The cooking time is not less than 6 hours. Until the chicken rack is completely boiled, the soup is boiled. When boiling the soup, add 0.2 pounds of pepper per pot, 2 pounds of ginger, and make clean blood bubbles in time

2. After the chicken racks and ginger in the pot are cleaned, the weight of the soup is measured with a ruler, and the preparation of the plenty of the soup is made;

3. Press the following proportion per 100 pounds of soup: 5 catties of salt. 1 catties of sugar. 2 pounds of chicken brine. Chicken essence 1 catties. MSG 1 catties, chicken juice 0.06 catties. Chicken essential oil 0.15 catties.

4. Stir evenly after the expected and ensure that the salt sugar is fully melted after the salt sugar is melted.


5. When the pan is picked up, use a sieve and gauze to completely filter the residue. After cooling it, you can install the pot;

6. The soup that is not installed in the afternoon should be kept in the frozen library refrigerated;

5. Refining method of green onion oil

1. Fry the vegetable oil in the pot until there is no raw oil flavor, and then put it in a stainless steel barrel for cooling and settle;

2. Pour the cooling color after cooling into the pot. Put the auxiliary materials per 100 catties of oil in the following ratio: 0.2 catties of star anise. White buckle 0.05 catties, cinnamon 0.1 catties. Fen alem 0.05 catties. Fragrant leaves 0.1 catties. 15 catties onion. 5 catties of celery. Ginger slices 2 pounds

3. Slowly make it with low heat, so that the onion and ginger slices are dried, and then the scum is filtered and cooled to use;

6. Key points for quality control.

1. Chicken varieties and breeding cycles directly affect the quality and taste of chicken;

2. The onion oil must be boiled until the onion and ginger slices are dried in order to reflect the fragrance of onion;

3. Tendon pepper chicken cannot be cooked too much, otherwise the meat will not be crispy; the thighs are appropriately brought a little bloodshot;

7. Process flow chart.

Selection of ingredients -thawing -cleaning -cooking -fast cold -making soup

Fourth, Chongqing Jigong Pot

Chongqing Jigong pot stands out in the fierce competition of the catering industry and has been recognized by the market, indicating that it has strong market vitality and strong market space and market potential. Chongqing Jigong Pot is crispy and mellow. It is marinated and fired with exclusive secret sauce. It is combined with hot pot essence in the form of dry pot. Spicy, medium spicy, heavy spicy. Because of low risk and high income, it has become the first choice for friends involved in the catering industry. It is also a typical project of “a signature red one store”.

Four characteristics of the chicken pincent pot:

1. Adopt the babies raised at the time.

2. As early as in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, because of the production of various spices in Bashu Qunshan, there was a secret spicy earthwork in the local area. It is said that its formula was used for dried pot stir -fried ingredients, which can make the incense of the pot. The secret recipe of Chongqing Chicken Pot originated from Sichuan cuisine, but it has been improved. It uses dozens of condiments and spices. It is prepared by exclusive speculation methods to cater to the tastes of a wider range of people.

3. After eating the meat pieces, add the soup used in the casserole, which is taken from the keel soup. It is rich and mellow. Most of them are vegetarian. It has been divided into small amounts of lettuce, Chinese cabbage, winter melon, blood material, Japanese tofu, enoki mushrooms, fungus, and people choose … Most of these vegetarian dishes are between 1–3 yuan, the most expensive is only 5 yuan, as spicy and spicy, and spicy spicy, as spicy, and spicy spicy. It is as affordable, but its soup soup is not the same as the dining environment.

4. Some food masters summarize the professional eating method of “poking, mixing, soaking, bubble, and product”. Mixing green peppers, celery, onions, etc. for side dishes, so that the heat circulates the heat and consumption, and always return to the process of recycling. If you blend the vegetarian and vegetables, you can enjoy the deliciousness of the beeper.

Large pot ingredients:

850 grams of chicken, 12 garlic, 50 grams of green peppers, 90 grams of onion, 100 grams of celery, 15 grams of coriander.

10-15 grams of three or five hot pot bottoms, 5-10 grams of dried pepper segments, 140 grams of special sauce, 30 grams of edible oil, 25 grams of rice wine.

Mid -pot raw material:

600 grams of chicken, 10 garlic, 40 grams of green peppers, 80 grams of onion, 70 grams of celery, 12 grams of coriander.

8-12 grams of three or five hot pot bottoms, 4-8 grams of dried pepper segments, 100 grams of special sauce, 25 grams of edible oil, 20 grams of rice wine.

Small pot ingredients:

350 grams of chicken, 6 garlic, 20 grams of green peppers, 50 grams of onion, 50 grams of celery, 10 grams of coriander.

6-10 grams of three or five hot pot bottoms, 3-6 grams of dried pepper segments, 60 grams of special sauce, 20 grams of edible oil, 15 grams of rice wine.

Special sauce for the secret chicken cooker:

5 bottles of Merlot Spicy Sauce (350 grams per bottle), 5 bottles of old Gentle Mom Purple Bean (300 grams per bottle), 3 bottles of male spicy sauce (350 grams per bottle), 2 bottles of old godmother tempeh (300 grams per bottle 300 grams ), 3 bottles of Axiang Po beef sauce (300 grams per bottle), 5 grams of hot pot fragrance agent, 2,500 grams of Douban Douxian, 3000 grams of old oil, 50 grams of ginger, 500 grams of ginger 40 grams, 30 grams of grass fruit, 20 grams of cinnamon, 30 grams of fragrant leaves, 50 grams of large ingredients, 30 grams of cumin, 20 grams of lilac, 30 grams of large amomum, 300 grams of rock sugar, 300 grams of rice wine.

raw material:

raw material:

raw material:







Production Method:

(1) Broken various spices.

(2) Place the old oil in the pot and burn it to 60 % of the heat. Low various sauces and spices, ginger and garlic, gangsters, bleeding, and low heat until the aroma drifts out, about 1 hour. Just mix.

The key to the production:

(1) Many people use fried method to stir -fry the spicy sauce. The taste is not fragrant. We use the method of boiling and cook for a long time, which can make the fragrance maximize the extent.

(2) The hotpot fragrance agent (a fragrance agent) is added to this sauce, which is even more fragrant.

(3) Luo Han Guo should be blisted with water first, and then it will be as much as sauce, otherwise it will suffer.

(4) Grae sugar can increase fresh alcohol taste and ease spicy taste, but do not add too much, otherwise it is too sweet. If you add rock sugar, you must add some rice wine to add fragrance. If you add sugar, you need to add cooking wine. This kind of taste is the best.

Old oil boiling method (take the old oil of 15 kg as an example):


5000 grams of cooked vegetable oil, 5000 grams of butter, 2500 grams of lard, 2500 grams of chicken oil, 100 grams of grass fruit, 50 grams of white cavity, 100 grams of fragrant leaves, 30 grams of octagonal, 10 grams of meat, 50 grams of grass, 50 grams of grass, 50 grams of grass, 50 grams of grass. 500 grams of shallots, 100 grams of cumin, 3 Luo Han Guo, a little peppercorns, and a moderate amount of dried pepper.


Four types of oil under the pot, the remaining ingredients and spices are burned when 30 % heat, and the onion fire is made for 1 hour (the oil temperature should not exceed 50 % during the cooking process, otherwise the spice will be passed) to the yellow oil color, and then the oil color is yellow, and then Soak for 1 hour, just get the slag. (Luo Han Guo should soak in water for 20 minutes before putting in.)

(1) Cut the chicken into a block of 3 cm, pour the cold water into the white wine, soak it in the pan and make it in the pan for later use.

(2) Drink blood in the chicken blocks, put it in the water in the water, remove the drain, add the secret sauce and marinate for 30 minutes.

(2) Cut the ginger into pieces, cut the garlic into pieces, and cut the green onions into sections.

(3) Old oil under the oil pan, boil to 70 % heat, stir -fry the chicken nuggets on high heat until it is broken and removes water, dried pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic, stir -fry, salt, soy sauce, MSG, cooking wine, cooking wine, cooking wine, cooking wine, cooking wine, cooking wine, cooking wine, cooking wine, cooking wine Season, fry the incense, add the clear soup to the beam for 10 minutes.

(4) Pour the chicken nuggets into the sand pot, put the fire on the table in the pot, add the onion section, add onion, coriander, and celery to the table, continue to heat the beacon, stir and roll it by the guests. After 10 minutes, you can eat it after 10 minutes. Essence

(5) After the chicken nuggets are eaten, add soup or spicy broth, can eat rotten bamboo, various kinds of vegetables, different forms (refer to hot pot forms)

1. Do not cut the chicken nuggets too large, otherwise it will not taste and it is not easy to be familiar. 2. The special sauce should be refrigerated by the fresh -keeping cabinet. Stir well before use. 3. The marinating time takes more than 2 hours to ensure the taste, but it should not exceed 4 hours to avoid the meat quality. 4. The burning time of the chicken boil is generally: (1) Heat the empty pot for 2 minutes. (2) For the first time, stamped with roasted chicken nuggets for 2 minutes. (3) 2 minutes with roasted chicken nuggets for the second time. (4) For the third time, stamped with roasted chicken nuggets for 1 minute (after putting coriander). The time required for the entire production process, in the case of full work preparation, is about 9 minutes. Depending on the firepower of the furnace head, the firing time can be slightly increased or decreased, but the key to firing is that it is not advisable to use low heat, otherwise chicken pieces will be chicken nugget It’s easy to be old -fashioned. 5. The weight of chicken nuggets and vegetables must be accurate. This is the accurate proportion obtained by hundreds of trials, especially vegetables cannot be reduced (vegetables play a role in adding fragrance, and at the same time, the chicken nuggets are burned through the water of vegetables, so according to the requirements, so according to the requirements, so according to the requirements Do not reduce). In addition, there is no need to add white soup or boiling water during the firing process. The accurate weight of the firing method and ingredients will not be dried.

Production Method:

The key to the production: