If you are only 45 years old, don’t dress too old! Wear more “age reduction colors”, which will be more elegant and temperamental


In everyone’s eyes, what is the most important point of wearing? The version is the display of the body, but in the eyes of a tasteful middle -aged woman, color is the key to the overall style and temperament and taste, and the impact on the skin color is very obvious.

For women around 45 years old, it has long been a stage that can be tried to “vibrant colors” at will. Today’s matching should choose dark tone, calm and almost no modification color, but this idea is really true, but this idea is really. It is a big mistake. If you are only 45 years old, do not color too old!


There are several colors that are very “age -reducing” and white and temperament, which will be more suitable for the choice of middle -aged women, and more highlight the elegant temperament. I will organize it for everyone today. Hurry up!

First of all, understand [Mature color

≠ Slim color]

(1) Avoid “old color”

① The dark color system of the whole body

Do not treat dullness as a mature symbol, especially a whole set of combinations, choose dark colors. I feel that this is thin and calm and capable, but it is not. For middle -aged women, for middle -aged women, for middle -aged women,

The effect of the whole set of dark colors is really not angry at all. It is full of dullness.

The color system is.


② Unstable color

The unstable color system is probably

{Yellow, green, and dark purple and hidden blue},

The matching of these colors is best to match the upper body carefully, compare

It looks old -fashioned and has no modification for the skin

But most of these colors are


Very rustic and old -fashioned combination, middle -aged women are more difficult to control

It is recommended to choose carefully.

③ The color matching of printing soil gas

Many middle -aged women will choose the matching of printing, imagine that they have a very elegant and retro temperament, but the printing is also screening. Some

Seeing it is a very large area or a dazzling color design, you can pass when you first see it.



There is no taste at all

, Even female stars with excellent temperament are difficult to control!

(2) Try these 3 colors -age -reducing and elegant

Recommended color one: blue -elegant and advanced

The conventional blue system is the whitening and classic existence in the cold tone. The shallower sets off the freshness, and the deeper is relatively stable and high -level, but do not choose to hide blue.

The advantage of the blue line is still obvious

Women with black and yellow skin can rest assured, and

If the blue middle -aged woman is properly matched, it is really a proper and high -level elegant texture.


现The suitable color matching 配

➊ Blue+White

Very standard and easy to wear a blue and white combination, which is about the love of many middle -aged women. The white and bright blue and the fresh and simple white system. This

The combination gives a very soft and calm texture

Blue and Bai

Wearing it is more suitable for middle -aged women,

White straight pants or wide -leg pants are more suitable

浅 The depth combination of blue system


The cool blue blue system is used in the same color tone, and the upper body can be selected


Light -colored blue short sleeves, shirts, or cardigan,


The lower body is recommended to choose


The dark blue match, the upper and lower depth layers can be highlighted when it stands up.

It is recommended that you choose a skirt more gentle.

Recommended color two: Earth color system -gentle and calm

The earth color is believed to be familiar with everyone. In the gradually hot season, it is still more appropriate to be light -colored earth color, for example

Light brown, light khaki, and light brown, it will show a gentle and calm temperament when wearing it.

Especially women who are 45 years old, such temperament is the least missing.

✬✬ Coloring Guide 色

➵ ➵ ➵ ➵

The most classic combination of the earth color system is the combination of the same color system.

It is white and not fattened. It is recommended that everyone’s same color matching can be more inclined to the color with a relatively large shades.



Light khaki and brown system, the layered sense is prominent, but the overall gentle and intellectual tone is reserved

It’s down.

系+basic color system

When the earth color system is matched with some basic colors, it is still very stable, gentle and calm coexist.


The combination of white tone and light -colored earth color is comparison

The simple and gentle effect

, Very suitable for choosing to match during commuting,

The “generous simplicity” of the workplace is instantly revealed.


The cooperation of the earth color and black tone is recommended to choose light -colored earth color,

Light and dark combinations will have a more layered sense,

And the middle -aged woman will

The obvious neat temperament and professionalism are set off

Recommended color three: 藕 pink system -age reduction and gentle


The last recommended color is pink. This color must not be missed in the spring and summer season. The conventional pink system is not suitable for 45 -year -old women. ,but

The saturation and lightness of the pink pink and the light gray tone added


Visually in a very stable and comfortable state


The temperament is gentle and age -reducing, but there is no slightest feeling of “pretending to be tender”


It is very advantageous for middle -aged women.

✬✬ Recommended single product 品


裤 体 pink jumpsuit

The combination of body pants is still more highlighted by women’s gentle charm, especially

The loose vertical design version, this color system can show white and lift the whole gentleness of the whole

And preferably

The design of the high waist can improve the waistline,


Repair the proportion of the whole match,

Supreme trousers are more convenient monk and fashion two -in -one

The presence.

裙 装 pink suit skirt

I believe everyone must be familiar with a suit skirt,

The choice of pink pink appropriately reduces the sense of sharpness of the suit version,

It highlights the gentleness and sweet charm of women. The style of a suit skirt also belongs to the classic existence in the workplace.

There is a suit with a suit and temperament.

Child, very suitable

Commute workplace



裙 衣 pink dress

The last one is a pink dress with a pink, pink pink will

The skin is fair and delicate

, Instant

A sense of age reduction

, And the version of the skirt

Choosing a minimalist model highlights women’s gentleness and elegance

Temperament, again

Add some small print elements embellishment

Get up, more

Highlight its delicate and fashionable texture

Middle -aged women will be gentle and elegant!


Even if people reach middle age, don’t “serve the old”, especially in this aspect of wearing, the selection of color systems is more important. The color system is elegant, age -reducing and fashionable. Get it up this summer and look forward to a newer self! The sharing of this issue is ended here first. Welcome everyone to leave a message. We see you next time!