Baotou sandals, release your feet, the elegant temperament charm that cannot resist


Middle -heeled sandals female summer 2022 wild Baotou

Diamond Pearl with a buckle with shallow -pointed shoe wedding shoes for bride shoes, whether it is going to work or dating, and it is definitely the one with the highest rate of return.

European station 2022 spring and summer new sandals

Women’s shoe silver pointed pointed characters with solid color simple thick heels, elegant design make you match skirts or pants that look good, thick heel design makes you travel more comfortably.

Korean version of new sandals with a pointed heel buckle

The high heels of Baotou frosted velvet surface, the thick heel design makes you instantly increased at the same time. The design of the other word is also very easy to wear.


Spring and summer new fine heel pointed high heels


The mid -heels of the headpiece belt, the strap design is very soft -looking, the exquisite rhombus design technology of the upper makes these shoes more fashionable and wearing very feminine.


European station V home rivet shoes sexy pointed straps ultra -high heels

Nude -colored fine heels of Liu Ding women’s sandals. The neutral style is still European and American style, which can be full of tide, comfortable and fashionable.

2022 new thick heel buckle sandals

Bao Toutou shallow mouth high -heeled high -heeled pointed shoes are elegant single shoes, which is very shiny and fashionable. The thin heels are stable to wear, and it will not be tired for a day of shopping. It is very feminine.

Bao Toutou Heihe Board of High Heel Parks


2022 Summer new high -heeled shoes, soft and breathable, color layered, full of luster and softness. The slender stumbling band, the shapely and smooth lines, and the elegant charm of the ankle is highlighted while wearing and taking off.

Baotou sandals female leather custom workplace sandals


In the versatile, the hollow leather is thick and heels, slender stumbling bands, and the shapely and smooth lines.


2022 Summer new sandals women’s shoes


In the beef tendon, the empty side and the spring PU solid color glue in the spring of 2022 brings you a stylish and elegant dressing experience. The focus is on the white feet.