MIU MIU 2021 autumn and winter, let the slim down and fur a home, look for fashion in warm and bloated


Miu Miu, as a sub -brand of Prada, still inherits its style among these clothing, with dreams in elegance, but MIU MIU will be more younger, with a lot of girls.

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

In this autumn and winter clothing, skiing is used as the main theme, and the topic related to themes is displayed with various down jackets or thick and bloated clothing. These clothing looks bulky, and it will also be fashionable. ?

绗 slot down jacket style

The style of the down jacket added with a seam design element appears in autumn and winter is a thin and common thing;

However, this time the slim down is not just the simple seams. From the open placket position, it also discovered the addition of fur element in the inside. The dual insurance of such down and fur will only make the winter warmer;

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

A texture contrast is formed between the smooth down appearance and the furry fur element, which enhances the visual impact. When wearing it, it appears in the form of a suit. Good warmth effect.

Plush boots

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

The relationship between wearing boots and seasons is not too big, but the style and material of the boots are closely related to the season. This relationship is like wearing bloated when the weather is hot. Some people may say “You are not sick” boots with hollow mesh.

Yes, what kind of clothing to wear and what kind of accessories do you need to wear;

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

Shoes are particularly important in the combination of autumn and winter, which will play a role in warmth, add warmth to the soles of the feet, and add a lot of points to the shape;

Choose the plush fabric on the boots. Whether it is boots or short boots, it will be very warm, and it will also respond to winter.

The short top is worn on the body, with some knitted texture texture, more different colors, add more color contrast, and feel more vitality among the patterns created; and in the matching of the matching; and in the matching, in the matching The outer knitted sweater jacket and other matching items not only formed contrasts in color, but also different in the texture of the fabric. These differences are finally displayed in a daily impact. Before you.

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

The color and purity of purple are not too high, with pale pink purple, dark -colored smog purple, which appear. These two purple purple are more versatile in many purple purple;

The large area of ​​the purple color is used on the sluggish suite. Although it looks slightly bloated, the overall sense is stronger. In the seams, it will not bring a monotonous color of the color color.

The style of the ingredients of the slim down appears in the form of a jumpsuit. Among these conjoined clothes, a solid color single color is used, but the fabric is very smooth. On the smooth surface, it also brings more more. A sense of luster; this also reduces the dullness of dark tone, adds a high -level atmosphere;

In the downwear of the down, the seam pattern is still not ignored, but in this bloated clothing, the waist design of the waist is more conspicuous and eye -catching.

The combination of knitted tops and loose straight trousers. In this combination, the overall darkest color is the main color, and it will not cause too intense effects in color. It is a mature and stable low -key elegance;

The position of the top adopts some knitted design. In the slightly loose silhouette, it is combined with the low round neck to add a highlight to the solid color top. The more eye -catching position is the pants below It is extremely loose straight trousers. On the fabric, some folds appear throughout the vertical stripes, and some luster feels into it, making the contrast of the trousers and tops more prominent.

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

Match the elements of down jacket and fur;

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

Plel and fur have a good warmth effect in winter, and they are both fashionable, but the feeling of the two materials is completely different. The down of down is a bit casual, and the fur fabric will have some wildness, elegance and luxury Gorgeous beauty.

When combining the two together, a mix and match between different styles and temperament.

The brown -style loose box -shaped top, with a clear contrast between the medium color but not dazzling.

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

The brown color of different colors is the main, and there are some white or black, dark brown and other colors in clothing or matching. More.

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

When the down jacket and leather pants are matched, the tops and bottoms are shiny fabrics, but the smoothness of the surface of the two is still different from the gloss of reflection. The difference in texture is too conspicuous. ; The color is also consistent, but the most obvious difference between the jacket and the lower dress is the difference between the seams and smoothness.

Different fabrics or color stitching and matching can cause a certain degree of visual impact.

For example, on the khaki jacket, the light and dark khaki colors appear between the form of stitching, which also increases a lot of color contrast, and the contrast between the dark pants and the color of the color in the match is obvious. , More impact.

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

When the skirt is worn in autumn and winter, there are many kinds of matching methods. When dressing skirts or sleeveless vest skirts, such as dressing, you can match some clothes such as knitted sweaters. The sense of layering is added; the matching of the skirt is even more diverse, and the sweaters, sweaters and other styles can be available. You can also add some coats to the outside of these skirts to make the wear more warm.

Miu Miu 2021秋冬,让绗缝羽绒和皮草成为主场,温暖臃肿中寻找时尚

Among the 2021 autumn and winter series of MIU MIU, fur and down materials are the most common. Among them, some fabrics such as knitted and leather are integrated or matching, but the warmth you feel is obvious, let alone 绗 绗 绗The dual combination of sewing down and fur. Although it looks slightly bloated, there is no doubt that it does not affect the sense of fashion.

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