It is more fashionable than jeans and is versatile than wide -leg pants. The popular “jogging pants” this year, who wears and beauty?


Fashion is constantly being new, and it takes some freshness to wear. It seems that it seems that in winter, it is difficult to stand out. If you want to add a new pants, you can consider the jogging pants popular this year, and it is unexpectedly versatile. It looks good, and fashionables are wearing.

It is more fashionable than jeans and is versatile than wide -leg pants. The popular “jogging pants” this year is completely hot.


Don’t just wear jeans and wide -leg pants in winter, try “jogging pants” popular this year. Do you know what jogging pants are? In this issue, the cat sister came to analyze jogging pants, and also brought matching skills. Let’s step into the topic ~


1. What are the advantages of jogging pants

01: The feet design is obviously capable

Maybe you do n’t know what jogging pants are, and you are classified as guards. In fact, although jogging pants belong to the pants, it is different from most of the pants.

Ordinary guards are loose legs, and jogging pants increase their feet. They look more capable, and they are more friendly to the figure. The leg shape will not be bloated.

02: Fabrics are comfortable, style casual


Suddenly “popularity” of jogging pants is not without reason. With the popularity of the AthFlow style, leisure sports such as guard pants and sports pants have gradually been welcomed by everyone. Show lazy fashion.


And jogging pants stand out from a crowd of pants. In addition to leisure and comfort, it is also very versatile. Whether it is continuing the casual style or mixing and matching other styles, it can wear a clear sense of fashion. In winter, with down jackets, coats, coats It is suitable.


2. This is more fashionable to match jogging pants

①: Mixed -match contouring jacket, advanced and trendy

The cat sister also mentioned that the advantage of jogging pants is versatile, and the style of matching is not limited. Even the formal sensor with a large mixing style contrast can collide with a trendy and fashionable effect. Therefore, jogging pants can be paired with a clear outline jacket.

The contour -out -out jacket is tailored and clear, and the lines are clear. While tolerate the figure, it often comes with a sense of high -level, but it is easy to look at this type of item in daily life. It is not easy to wear a novel sense. Neutralize the stereotype.


Coats with strong contours are also more common in daily life, such as suits, or coats that are often worn in winter, with a sense of high -level atmosphere. With the fashionable sense of mixing and mixing with jogging pants, you will not be stereotyped nor too casual, but you are comfortable enough.

If it is a set of sweaters with jogging pants, it will be stronger. However, everyone knows that the sweater is relatively lazy, and some fabrics will also have bloated situations. The clear contour suit can increase the sense of capacity. At the same time, it can modify the figure and avoid bloated and fat.

②: Same color matching to create consistency

Maybe you have such concerns: After all, jogging pants are a single item with a strong sense of leisure. It is recommended to use the same color system to create the consistency of the overall shape from the color, which will basically not make an error.

The most common of jogging pants is light gray, simple and light also exudes a soft and restrained temperament. The matching tops and coats can choose the same color, which will continue simplicity. Even the woolen coat with a large style contrast will not appear to be disobedient.


The overall shape only uses one color that is the clearest expression of the same color. It is the expression of minimalist style, but it is also risk of too monotonous and no bright spots. It is recommended to retreat and choose two items in the same color.

For example, the light gray jogging pants with the same set of sweaters, the same fabric and color create the effect of upper and lower one, but the coat chose gray with the same color, maintains simple at the same time, and also separates from gray to increase the shape of the shape. Layer sense and visual value.


③: Carefully match the boots to avoid procrastination

The matching of pants not only depends on the inside and jacket, but also the shoes. Slow -run pants itself have obvious leisure and lazy fashion sense. The fabric is comfortable and warm, but the smoothness is not enough. Therefore, it is not recommended to use boots blindly.


It is easy to have procrastinating effects with boots, especially boots with higher boots. Like the boots and jogging pants that have reached the calf parts accumulated at the mouth of the boots, it is difficult to wear the ideal fashion effect if there is no tall figure and outstanding temperament.

It is also recommended to match with sports shoes or flat shoes. Especially shoes such as sneakers and daddy shoes are consistent with jogging pants. It is almost wrong to match.

For example, the simple and white sports shoes, while highlighting the casual style, also revealed a trace of simplicity and advanced. With jogging pants, it can exert a sense of fashion,

Well, this is the introduction of jogging pants in this issue. How do you think it is best to wear?

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