The beautiful sister wearing a blue vest skirt is elegant, so the return rate is super high


The cool sleeveless vest skirt with casual comfort, choosing a slim style is more sporty. The beautiful sister’s blue sleeveless vest skirt with naked pink high heels is fashionable! Tired of the lady’s wind dress, you can also change the taste and feel the unique charm of the vest skirt.


Vest -style pale blue dress is very suitable for summer wear and feels refreshing. The exquisite and simple design is very special. Under the tight design, the model of the model is shown, and of course the goddess temperament is also owned. Such a new style of fashion women’s clothing is definitely an indispensable magic weapon for you to wear this year. If this light blue dress is paired with a pair of naked pink high -heeled shoes, it is perfect, the goddess Fan Lai is now.


The blue dress with naked pink shoes is refreshing. The blue powder match is the mainstream of this year’s color matching, and summer is to wear so bright. Visual often brings some unexpected results. In the hot summer, choosing a low -temperature blue system will definitely make you and your friends around you are full of coolness. Blue feels fresh and beautiful. It thinks of the blue sea and blue sky. Wearing blue skirts in hot summer can always be more comfortable.