“World Goose King” achieved the first export, and Chinese down products exported to various countries and regions


In the past, there was a “duck raising giant” Jiangsu Yike Food Group Co., Ltd. intends to be listed and entrepreneurial.


Is the first export, has the water poultry industry rising? As a large country of water poultry breeding, production, and consumption, China has a considerable prospect for the development of the water poultry industry.

436.6 kg of brine lion heads goose, Shantou Chenghai, transported to Hong Kong

“World Goose King” realized the first exit!

On December 9th, under the site supervision of Chenghai Customs Customs officers affiliated to Shantou Customs, a batch of brine heads of 436.6 kg of brine heads goes off from Chenghai and will be shipped to the Hong Kong market. This is the first export of Chenghai specialty agricultural products.

Lion -headed goose is called the “World Goose King”, and weighs 2-3 times ordinary goose, and is the largest goose variety in the world. As a variety of national and livestock and poultry genetic resources, lion -headed goose is included in the nation’s famous and excellent new agricultural products. It is famous for its overseas. Because of the centralized breeding of Lion Head Goose, Chenghai District, Shantou City enjoys the reputation of “the hometown of the world of goose king”.

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After decades of development, the lion -headed goose “old travelers”, which has a history of more than 300 years in Chenghai, has taken the new path of presenting development, becoming an important pillar industry in Chenghai District, Shantou, and an important pillar industry and joint peasants with farmers. Outstanding industry for increasing income. The goose food -based on the lion -headed goose has also become a symbol of Chaoshan culture. The classic head plates on the Chaoshi table in various places are very welcomed by consumers.

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Du Yonghong, general manager of Guangdong Xinpu Technology Co., Ltd., said that customs experts have given great help and support since the beginning of the lion -headed goose breeding, guiding the company to urge the company to improve production standards, strict quality control, and ensure quality. This time, the brine lion -headed goose can occasionally enter Hong Kong, making companies more confident in expanding the market in the future.

The reporter learned that because the lion -headed goose is mainly concentrated in the Chaoshan area, it has not been promoted throughout the country. In order to ensure the smooth export of Chenghai brine lion head goose and achieve zero breakthroughs, Chenghai Customs set up a special work class to intervene in advance to implement a “point -to -point” service for the enterprise, and fully help the Chenghai characteristic lion -headed goose products smoothly explore the new road. In addition, in order to ensure that Chenghai’s brine lion head goose is exported and fresh exports, the “cross -border fast customs clearance” model is enabled, which greatly reduces the duration of customs clearance, improves the efficiency of customs clearance, and helps brine lion -headed goose on the table of Hong Kong citizens.

From duck and geese breeding to exports of down products, high profits attract households to raise water poultry

As the new favorite of the market in recent years, down is warmer and lighter than quilt, and the human body is more comfortable. In Zhanjiang, Guangdong, the locals have blossomed in a multi -point industry. They will not only make stewed goose and roast duck, but also a down quilt. Because there are many waters in Wuchuan in Guangdong, locals have the habit of eating ducks and goose. Over time, the down processing industry has been formed, and now it has become the largest white duck and down distribution center in the country.

In this down production line in Wuchuan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, after the down of the down, he immediately came to the down and was “charged” by the production workshop.


Wu Zhisen, head of a down production enterprise in Wuchuan City, Guangdong Province, said that according to the current peak season, the monthly output is 5000 bed quilts, and then the output of one year is 30,000 beds. And because Wu Chuanfan ducks have more ducks and have a long breeding time, the fluff is large and fluffy. Duck down ducks produced by breeding time can achieve a string effect.

In addition to the added value of the brand, the velvet content is an important factor in the division of down products, which directly affects the sales price of down products. With 10%of the voltage content, there is a gap of 60,000 yuan per ton of down.

Wu Yu said that because down jackets have the current standards, the down jacket can be counted as a down jacket with more than 50%of the velvet content, so it has so many specifications, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and then 95%. This is a white duck down with a velvet content, and the current price of the 95%white duck down market is about 420,000 yuan to 430,000 yuan per ton.

Highly returned down products have also driven the enthusiasm of farmers. Now, the scale of 50 million production of geese and duck breeding has been formed in the local area. Nearly 50,000 people have devoted themselves to the feather industry. Essence


Not only ducks, but also goose. Li Qirui, a lion -headed goose farmers, said that at present, a farmer has a goose out of a goose. The economic value of this large variety of geese will reach about 30 yuan to 50 yuan. Come.


Yao Xiaoman, the chairman of the China Deep Industry Association and vice chairman of the International Down Feather Bureau, said that China is currently the world’s largest producer and exporter of down and products in the world. It is also the largest consumer country. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, 97%of the world ’s geese are produced in China, and 74%of the world’s ducks are produced in China.

China is undoubtedly a large country of water poultry breeding, and it is also a large country consumer country. In the future, not only the national chicken breeding industry must comply with market development trend, but also the water poultry industry is also exploring its own scale in the field of breeding with its own unique value. The future development path of industrialization has gradually achieved the country and the world.


Article Source: CCTV agriculture, farmers, south Plus