Small children buy shoes and try to avoid these three styles! It’s hard to make the soil, who wears ugly


For the little MM, it is really more effort to match with clothes than tall children, which is high and good -looking. Most of the small girls will achieve high effect by improving the waistline, but shoes are usually ignored. The editor reminded the young girls to pay attention to buying shoes as much as possible to avoid these three models. It is difficult to match and show the soil. Who wears and ugly will make you short!


If you want to look good, it is not only working hard, but of course, the matching of shoes is also the top priority. Leisure style with sports shoes is the most suitable. Ladies style with high heels is a perfect match. Different styles are suitable for different shoe products. If you want to coordinate and fashion, it is particularly important to wear a pair of shoes that are suitable for you. Don’t let your shoes ruin the whole body.


Seeing the little fairy here should attract attention? A pair of shoes that are suitable for you are really important. Especially for small girls, if you want to wear 170 to wear 170, it is definitely no longer a dream. It is fashionable and beautiful. You must accept it. Next, I will sweep the three pairs of shoes for everyone.

Lightning protection style 1. Socks and boots


The so -called socks and boots are shoes like socks. The neckline of socks is depends on the special type of socks. The biggest feature is that they can wrap the leg shape and fit the feet perfectly. Most of the socks and boots are mainly comfortable. Like shoes, it is usually more suitable for girls with slender legs. Not everyone can easily control it.


How much do you know about socks and boots?

Trimming the lines of the legs and the thick legs of the legs are its fatal disadvantages


, Don’t be blinded by the beautiful model map. Before starting, you should look at whether your leg shape is suitable or not. Xiaobian recommends that girls with muscle legs do not choose socks and boots. It will only let everyone know that your legs are thick. The secrets of the feet are also a girl with wide feet. The socks and boots itself are wrapped, and the feet width will be uncomfortable.

Recommended: Martin boots


Martin boots are not only handsome and versatile, but also have a thin and high purpose. The most suitable girl with a small man. It has a sense of vision of long legs. When choosing Martin boots, Xiaobian suggested that the best length to choose the ankle. This length is just enough to wrap our calf muscles, thereby achieving a thin and high effect.

Lightning protection style 2, slope heel shoes

The heel shoes, the English reading Wedge Heel, also called the wedge -shaped heel, the shape of the heel is sloping. It also belongs to high heels. Compared with high heels, it is not easy to wear. Generally, the entire bottom surface is heel and the thick bottom design can increase the visually infinitely. People like mothers prefer such shoes.


From the editor’s opinion, sloping shoes are definitely in the fashion industry

One of the representatives of ugly shoes


It is not just soil, but also the most recognized by most people. You do n’t try young girls on sloping shoes. Not only are it bulky, wearing it like wearing a horseshoe, it is particularly inconvenient to walk. It is just to wear the soil smell in straight men’s eyes.

Recommended: pointed shoes


If a small girl wants to achieve a high effect, we can choose a pointed high -heeled shoes,

The pointed design has a visually effective effect, and at the same time, it is more long -legged

Essence This kind of fine -heeled pointed shoes, with skirts, jeans are the most suitable, and do not pick the foot type, compared to sloping shoes, it is really versatile. Pointed shoes are really a good choice for small children.

Lightning protection style 3. Little white shoes

Little white shoes, whise explanation of White Shoes. Generally, as long as white shoes are white shoes, today’s small white shoes have become a trend. There are small white shoes in the shoe cabinets of everyone. Most people think that small and white shoes are the first of the versatile, but Xiaobian does not think so, sometimes small white shoes are not suitable for all matching.


When your popular white shoes have been outdated for a long time. In fact, the so -called versatile king is not versatile. Not all small white shoes are suitable for you. For example, all white small white shoes are particularly difficult to take. A single color will be more or less monotonous, making the matching unable to start. And the biggest disadvantage is that it is not resistant to dirt. You may change beggar shoes in the morning and afternoon.

Recommended: canvas shoes

Speaking of the canvas shoes here, you must arrange for the young girls. It is versatile and does not pick the foot type. It is suitable for women of all ages. The early 20 is youthful, and the age is about 30 age. For the little man, the editor recommends you,

Choosing high -top canvas shoes can lengthen the legs of the legs, which is not only high but also thin.


If you feel that the color is too simple, you can choose some large patterns and pattern canvas shoes, which will not look so monotonous. It is a big gospel for the small man.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, should the little fairies be paid attention to, and it is particularly important to choose shoes, especially the tall and petite girls, the right and coquettish shoes can be added to your whole body. At the same time, it is thin. See what you have to wear here, welcome to share with Xiaobian.