How to clean the toothbrush correctly? Wash with warm soap and water


Studies have found that the number of toothbrushes is as high as 10 billion. Dr. Garry Kurosla, a American dental expert, said toothbrushes may become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. The latest article in the US “Fox News Network”, ask Dr. Kulastara to teach you how to clean the toothbrush correctly.

Dr. Kuratla said that the mouth contains billions of oral microorganisms, and when they are in a healthy state, they can fight against the invasion of some fatal viruses and bacteria. However, using a toothpaste or alcohol -containing mouthwash with a washing agent, it will destroy the balance of the oral microorganism. Therefore, you cannot rely on certain antibacterial toothpaste to remove the bacteria on the mouth and toothbrush. Dr. Kuratla recommends that when cleaning the toothbrush, wash the toothbrush with warm soap water, then wipe the toothbrush with a clean gauze, and then dry it in a ventilated place to avoid breeding bacteria and ensure that at least 4 toothbrushes are replaced each year. Do not disinfect the toothbrush with a microwave oven, because most of the toothbrushes are made of plastic, microwave heating will cause plastic to deform and bristles to break down, and produce bisphenol A, which may cause infertility and various cancers.

The wrong position of the toothbrush can also facilitate the breeding of the germs. Dr. Kulatara said that most people put toothbrushes in the bathroom, which is easily contaminated by microbial pollution such as feces. He suggested that the toothbrush is best placed 2 meters away from the toilet. In addition, putting toothbrushes into densely impermeable plastic boxes are also conducive to the reproduction of viruses and bacteria. The U.S. Centers for Centers for Prevention recommends that the toothbrush should not be placed in a plastic box, and the bristles should be placed up in a ventilated place.

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