When buying new clothes in the New Year, how to choose high -quality cashmere coats?


[Powerful] [Powerful] [Powerful] If you want to choose a coat is both fashionable and warm, then cashmere coat must be the first choice

How can I choose more cashmere coats on the market? [A admiration] [Emerald] [Emerald] [Emerald] [Emerald] [Emerald] [Emerald] [Ai] [Anered] [Anered] [Ai] [Ai] [Ai]


Good cashmere is generally automatically falling off by cashmere, and the production process is quite complicated. The touch feels very soft and comfortable. It is particularly hygroscopic and warm and comfortable. Of course, the price of a piece of clothing is also very high. But for people who love beauty, a high -end dress is also worthwhile. [Prayer] [Prayer] [Prayer] [Prayer] [Prayer] [Prayer] [Prayer] [Prayer] [Prayer] [Pray] [Prayer] [Prayer]

There are also wool coats. The price of wool coats is cheaper than cashmere, because cashmere is more complicated than sheep with difficulty extraction. Performance is better cashmere.


When we choose to buy, we must carefully compare the ingredients to the ingredients. At the same time, it also depends on the neatness of its wiring, the quality of the buttons, the edges and corners of the collar, the flat cuffs, and whether the pocket horn hit the jujube. Cashmere is usually double -sided. [呲 呲] [[[] [呲 [] [呲 [] [呲 [] [呲 [] [呲 [] [呲 [] [呲 呲] [呲 teeth]